Telecommunication has been in existence for many decades. With technological inventions, the role and features of telecommunication tools have changed. Right now, in the 21st century, people and businesses have access to the most advanced version of telecommunication solutions. The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies have introduced advanced telecommunication solutions such as predictive dialer, intelligent call center software, etc. Each telecommunication solution is loaded with an amazing range of features. 

In this article, I will share more details about one of the telecommunication features made available by the technological advancements, called, Advanced Call Distribution (ACD).

What is advanced call distribution?

A software solution usually has an algorithm, which automatically attends an incoming call and transfers or routes that call to the right business executive or agent in the right department. This process of automatically attending a call and routing it to the right person in the company or call center is known as advanced call distribution.

What is an advanced call distributor?

A software solution, which has an ACD feature, is called an advanced call distributor. A few years back, advanced call distributor solutions were available in the market, which used to perform only one job: advanced call distribution. However, now different VoIP solutions offer ACD feature along with many other rich communication features. The intelligent call center software is one of the VoIP solutions, which offer advanced call distribution as one of the features.

Which are the major types of advanced call distribution?

You might be surprised to know this fact that there are multiple types of ACD rules available in VoIP solutions like an intelligent call center software solution. In a VoIP solution, there can be one or more ACD rules depending on the utilities or advancements of the software.

We will share more details on the major advanced call distribution rules in the following sections:

1. Sticky agent

This ACD rule makes sure that every time a customer calls, he gets connected to the same agent. As the customer sticks to the same agent to have a conversation, this advanced call distribution rule is known as a sticky agent.

2. Skill based call routing

This advanced call distribution rule makes sure that it connects the caller to the most skilled agent. Before distributing a call to an agent, it matches the skills of the agent with the requirements of the customer, and based on the perfect match, it distributes the call. As it includes skill matching based call distribution, this ACD is called skill based call distribution.

3. Round robin call routing

As the name suggests, it automatically distributes calls in a round robin manner. It is the simplest form of advanced call distribution.

Concluding notes

As mentioned earlier in this article, an intelligent call center solution holds multiple advanced call distribution rules. The iCallify is one of the most advanced intelligent call center solutions. It supports all major types of ACD rules. If you are interested in knowing more about iCallify or have some questions related to this software, contact us.