We are excited to share this amazing news: iCallify, the proprietary call center software developed by our company Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is featured on digital.com. This intelligent call center software has made its position in the list of top call center software solutions of 2021. It is positioned in the top 10 best call center software solutions of the year.

We are overjoyed to share this amazing news that with our reluctant efforts to build this software with the best capacity and features, we could make our place on the top list. The iCallify: intelligent call center software has been the best call center solution for its customers, but now the global researchers and reviewers have also identified and acknowledged its worth on the global platform for people.

The iCallify is listed in the list of some big players like Avaya, Aspect, etc. The iCallify call center software has all the amazing features these big players have and the major advantage is all these amazing features are available at way cheaper rates compared to some big players in the market.

Digital.com had carried out research on more than 210 call center solutions at a global level for more than 40 hours to review available call center solutions. Out of 210+ call center software options, Digital.com has selected the 17 solutions as the Best Call Center Software of 2021 and iCallify made its place in the list.

Some of the major aspects checked by Digital.com to judge the quality of solution are listed below:

Call center types

Whether a call center solution can support the need of all scaled businesses to run inbound, outbound, or blended campaigns or not gets reviewed by the team of Digital.com.

Basic phone features

The researchers of Digital.com explore the list of features offered by the call center software to check the basic phone features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call recording, different auto dialers, etc. Digital.com only lists the call center solutions in the top list if they succeed in meeting the criteria. As per the review team of Digital.com, the basic phone features are required by all businesses using this software. The advanced features can be added as add-ons or customization. Thus, having all the basic phone features is necessary to be on the top list.

Customer Support Tools

As per Digital.com, along with the exceptional features of the software, it is also necessary to have exceptional support. If a company has a feature rich call center software solution to offer, but the support tools are not up to the mark, then it cannot be on the top list. Thus, the company emphasizes the software that has exceptional support to offer after the software purchase.

The iCallify passed all these criteria and many other criteria defined by the team of Digital.com and made its place in the top 10 best call center software solutions in 2021. If you want to know more about this software, contact us.

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