The Insurance sector is one of those industries which deal with heavy communication in their day to day operations. The insurance companies need to empower its staff with a reliable communication system which provides the required communication tool so the insurance agents can communicate about the new products to generate new leads as well as give friendly reminders for due or upcoming premium of already bought policies. The agents also need to resolve queries of their customers. This is the reason many renowned insurance agencies either get the call center solution or similar system to accelerate these communication operations. Even after providing such powerful tools some insurance companies face many challenges and one of them is a misuse of allotted telecommunication resources. Here comes the call accounting solution into the picture.

The call accounting system for insurance agencies provide an amazing tool to supervise the usage of telecom system as well as to enforce fair telecom usage policies effectively. There are any utilities of the call accounting solution for insurance companies and the top 3 are shared below:

Separate Personal Calls from the Professional Calls

This is a common problem in business where the team members waste their productive time and money of the company on calling their friends and families. There was no mechanism earlier to identify how many calls were made for actual professional discussion with the customers or prospects. The call accounting solution lets insurance agencies easily identify the personal calls. This helps in taking further action to either charge the executive for making personal calls or to enforce some strict telecom infrastructure usage policies.

Assign budget and follow the same

Based on the accounted calls in the call accounting solution, the insurance agencies can realize how much budget is actually used in making real deals with the insurance agents. Based on these details, the companies can assign the telecommunication budget to an agent; to a department or to the whole company. Based on the assigned budget, the call accounting system will allow the agents, or members of the department to make calls. The people of the company will not be allowed to make calls beyond their assigned budget.

Make data driven decisions

The call accounting solution gives a clear detail log for all calls which can be based on criteria like an individual professional, department, or a branch. The insurance company can take the data driven decision to increase the business and revenues.

The insurance companies can receive many benefits which are not available otherwise by implementing the call accounting system in their telecommunication system. It can also be integrated with any existing system so it can be used as a reliable and intuitive solution.

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