Finally, it is the year 2021, we have all made it through a tough time, which we all faced during the world novel COVID-19 pandemic. As the vaccination has started in many parts of the world, all of us have welcomed the year 2021 with double joy and delight. Similar to many past years, the New Year is the time to take new resolutions. Not only for yourself, but also for your business! In this article, we will share the top 4 New Year resolutions any call center or contact center can take to drive success towards the business, so let’s begin.

1. Using the best technology tools

You cannot get success in the 21st century by using the tools of the 19th century. A call center solution with fundamental features might let you get going. But, to take competitive advantage and to meet the demands and needs of the customers of the 21st century, you need to invest in the best technological tools along with skilled and talented agents. Intelligent call center software with omnichannel communication features has become inevitable for businesses to ensure they can keep up the tempo with the ongoing transformations. So the first New Year resolution your call center must take is to use the most advanced form of intelligent call center software and other technological tools.

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2. Add more emphasis on empathetic customer support

Delivering monotonous responses to customers would never let your business connect with customers to have a long term relationship. If you have a strong customer relationship, allurements from competitors would not influence your customers. Therefore, take a second resolution to add empathy to your customer support campaigns.

3. Engage employees in growth and success

Similar to almost all other businesses, call centers also often neglect the importance of involving employees in the growth of the company. Of course, many call centers have reward programs to keep agents motivated, but that is not it. Use different ideas to involve agents, supervisors, and other team members in various jobs that give them a sense of responsibility and achievement. Come up with ideas to involve the team as a part of growth and success instead of letting them live yet another job. This will not only increase passion towards the job, but it will also ensure long association, which will result in reduced waste of time and money on recruitment and training.

4. Focus more on KPIs than just numbers

Intelligent call center software provides the best reports to empower decision making and operational improvements. All call center solutions offer at least standard reports. These reports are provided to give a clear picture of the existing performance of campaigns, team, and call center. Moreover, if analyzed correctly, it also helps in future forecasting. For this, focusing on KPIs is necessary rather than just focusing on numbers. For example, concentrate on a number of FCRs instead of focusing on the number of calls attended. Take the resolution to improve KPIs to ensure growth.

How did you find these New Year resolutions for call centers? Do you want to add any other New Year resolution? Share it here.