Intelligent call center solutions host the widest array of features. Even if the names suggest features, which you have seen in other call center solutions as well, they are more powerful and beneficial in an intelligent solution. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most advanced features available in the intelligent call center software, called preview dialer.

Of course, the most advanced auto dialer in the intelligent call center solution is the predictive dialer. However, it cannot be used in all campaigns else it may reduce the goal conversion or increase the abandoned rate. Depending on the nature of the campaigns, you need to select call routing rules or auto dialers from the available features. Preview dialer has its own characteristics, which makes it perfect for certain types of campaigns. We will explore some of the major use cases of preview dialer, which will give you a hint of all other utilities of this software.

What is a preview dialer?

Before dialing a call, this auto dialer of an intelligent call center software shows a preview of the lead. This preview will have all information related to the lead, in brief, to give a hint of the customer to be contacted. The agent can choose to dial the number to take that call or he/ she can choose to skip the number and see a preview of the next lead.

What are the major utilities of the preview dialer?

Now, as you understand what preview dialer is, let’s move forward to explore some of the major and popular use cases of this auto dialer of the intelligent call center software.

1. Collection from users with bad credit

Customers take loans or use credit cards. Many of them skip multiple EMIs. It becomes necessary to handle these customers cautiously to ensure they pay the dues without any heated argument. The agents need to be careful to ensure that customers do not feel insulted yet the message is conveyed firmly. For this, knowing the case history of customer and handling calls accordingly become necessary, where preview dialer plays an important role.

2. Lead generation for personalized deals

No, it is not about selling cosmetics or similar goods. It is about selling expensive items such as holiday packages, real estate properties, automobile vehicles, etc. Lead generation is part of the job for the stated and many similar industries. Cold calling to the mined leads is one of the activities performed commonly for lead generation. A random call with a predefined script showing on the intelligent call center software cannot reap fruitful results. Studying prospective clients, knowing their habits or preferences, etc. can help agents to have a conversation in the right direction. Preview dialer can help with this kind of lead generation campaigns.

3. Banking and financial calls for lead generation

The business of banking and other financial institutes also demand lead generation using one to one meetings, cold calling, etc. Knowing customer history, customer credit, etc. can help agents in these industries to propose the right insurance policy or loan. Preview dialer is a great tool here to improve results.

There are many more utilities of this automated dialer.

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