In the technology industry, new terms emerge each passing day. Indeed, these terms contribute to an increase in confusion and concerns. However, you don’t need to worry as we are here to help you get a closer look at all important technology tools and terms in the VoIP software and communication industry. Certainly, we help businesses with world class technology tools, VoIP development services, and similar enterprise solutions and services. Moreover, we help readers, technology lovers, and businesses to understand technology terms to use these products better. In this blog post, we are going to cover call center PBX and multi tenant IP PBX software to help you understand this powerful solution in detail.

So, let’s delve deeper into this subject matter and understand call center PBX in detail to give you clarity on this topic. Moreover, this information will assist you in choosing the right software and make this solution effective.

1. Understanding Call Center PBX

Call center PBX is made up of two terms: call center and PBX. Therefore, this term reflects the solution that combines a call center and PBX.

As we all know, the call center is an industry that manages jobs related to handling calling campaigns. For example, inbound call centers manage customer care campaigns. Likewise, outbound call centers are dedicated to handling sales calls. Similarly, there are different types of inbound and outbound calling campaigns that call centers manage. Additionally, blended call centers help in handling both inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

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A call center uses different types of solutions to manage day to day operations. Undoubtedly, a call center solution is a must have software solution for call centers. This solution helps call centers focus on the management of different calling campaigns. However, a contact center solution is not the only solution that call centers use. There are several technology tools and applications required to manage different calling campaigns. One of the most important ones is the PBX system.

So, now you understand the definition of call center PBX. It is an IP PBX solution that is exclusively developed for call centers. Certainly, it will have features of a full fledged multi tenant IP PBX solution. In addition to these features, it will also have some custom features that are developed to meet the internal communication needs of call center agents and supervisors. Moreover, it will also support integration with call center software for small businesses or large enterprises. This helps in building a comprehensive platform that provides access to all necessary features and functionalities. Unquestionably, this solution will meet all demands and requirements related to communication and collaboration to manage customer calls and other call center campaigns more effectively.

There is one more definition of a call center PBX that you must take a look at and keep in mind. As the popularity of using PBX and VoIP contact center solutions is increasing, there are several innovations taking place. As a result, smart telephony solution providers have invented an all-inclusive platform for call centers. This solution will have the features of both call center and PBX software. Therefore, it is known as a call center PBX system.

In summary, a call center PBX system is a software solution that will have the features of a contact center solution and an IP PBX solution. Firstly, this system might have integration of both full-fledged solutions discussed in this section. Secondly, this system is either a call center or a PBX system with inbuilt features of the other software platform. Depending on the provider, you will get a call center PBX solution. However, the general scenario is you get a PBX system with or without integration with the software for call centers to manage internal communication and collaboration.

2. Major Types of Call Center IP PBX Solutions

Call Center Solution

Definitely, this solution is popular among call centers due to its seamless integration and several advantages. Therefore, development companies have developed several types of call center PBX solutions. Let’s take a look at the major types of call center IP PBX solutions that are available for your business. We will give recommendations to help you to choose the right one for your business.

Legacy PBX System

Traditionally, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system was set up at a physical location. Moreover, this traditional setup required copper wires, hardware switches, and similar infrastructure components to install a telephony system to serve internal and external calls. Additionally, the legacy PBX system is used to provide Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Before the invention of a multi tenant IP PBX software solution, these systems utilized central exchange (Centrex) lines to merge telephone lines for internal communication. Certainly, legacy PBX solutions required substantial on-premises installation and maintenance efforts and expenses. Moreover, it does not reduce the total cost of calls made externally. However, it makes internal calls completely free.

As VoIP based PBX solutions are already available in the market with much advanced features and functionalities, this legacy PBX system is not recommended for any call center or business.

VoIP Based IP PBX Solution

Major VoIP development services companies invented a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based IP PBX business phone system. Certainly, it brought a major revolution in the communication industry. Undoubtedly, it eliminated the need to install and set up bulky and expensive hardware. Moreover, it transformed everything from a traditional system setup to a software solution based setup. As a result, the VoIP based IP PBX system improved cost effectiveness. The IP PBX solutions help implement multiple voice channels for inbound and outbound calls over the Internet. Additionally, this evolution led to the creation of IP PBX, capable of switching calls between VoIP networks and PSTN lines. Moreover, it facilitates voice communication over the Internet.

In addition to VoIP technology, development companies have also integrated SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking solutions into this software. As a result, businesses can leverage the advantage of VoIP and SIP within the software. As a result, there are several advantages of using this business phone solution in the software. However, configuring IP PBX demands technical expertise and may lack support for remote work. Moreover, you need to invest in buying the software license.

Without a doubt, it is recommended to use for call centers. Moreover, it is also useful for integration with call center software for small businesses.

Hosted PBX Solution

Hosted PBX is also known as cloud PBX and virtual PBX system. Definitely, it is a type of VoIP based IP PBX software. However, it is hosted on cloud based platforms. Additionally, it eliminates on-site hardware or software.

A hosted PBX provider will manage this software. Moreover, the provider will take care of all expenses related to the setup, installation, management, and maintenance of this solution. Furthermore, this solution supports remote work. Additionally, it involves zero upfront costs. Moreover, it optimizes network bandwidth usage. In short, it is the most affordable solution. However, call centers need to use it as an independent solution because providers are less likely to support integration. Moreover, if the provider supports integration, there can be some restrictions and limitations to deal with. Therefore, if you are interested in integrating a PBX or call center solution, then this option is not for you. However, if you are fine using two independent solutions, then you can use this system and save money.

Hybrid Solution

This is a call center solution with all the features of this software that helps in managing call center campaigns. Additionally, it will have major features of an IP PBX system. As a result, within a single system, you will get features of both solutions. Therefore, you will not need to buy and manage two different software solutions. Moreover, you will have no stress related to integration and all those technical intricacies. However, there is a huge limitation of this software. This solution has only some features of a PBX system. As a result, your team cannot get access to all the advanced features that other types of PBX solutions have to offer. Definitely, you can invest in the customization of the software. But still, you cannot match the standard set by a full fledged IP PBX solution with multi tenant support with this hybrid solution.

If you are going to buy the hybrid solution, then you must read our blog post that shares major PBX features that you must look for in the call center software.

Ideally, this solution can meet the needs of small scale call centers that might not have massive communication needs within a business.

3. Top Reasons to Have a Call Center PBX

call center software solution

Unquestionably, implementation of multiple solutions helps in reducing expenses. Moreover, it helps in augmenting performance and productivity. Additionally, it brings several advantages to the table for a call center such as improved customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall business success.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to use a call center PBX system.

3.1 Improved Communication Efficiency

A call center PBX streamlines communication processes. As a result, it ensures efficient call management for both inbound and outbound calls.

3.2 Superior Customer Experience

A call center PBX system offers a wide range of features to meet customer expectations. Moreover, these features complement all major features available in the VoIP contact center solutions. Therefore, agents can access valuable functionalities to provide more personalized assistance to callers.

3.3 Centralized Administration

This system provides centralized management of all features and unified communication channels integrated into PBX and call center systems. Therefore, overall system management and security are enhanced and simplified.

3.4 Cost Efficiency

The modern call center PBX systems eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure and its maintenance. Moreover, call analytics and insights help in optimizing resources. Overall, this system reduces operational costs. As a result, this system leads to cost savings and improves cost efficiency.

3.5 Remote Work Support

A majority of PBX solutions provide robust features to agents. It helps in letting agents work from different locations. Moreover, cloud-based solutions increase accessibility and collaboration for remote teams.

3.6 Scalability and Flexibility

These solutions are highly scalable. As a result, call centers can easily expand their communication infrastructure and business, as needed. Undoubtedly, this flexibility helps in adding flexibility to adapt to changing call volumes and business requirements.

3.7 Better Decision Making

Call center PBX systems offer advanced reporting and analytical features. Call centers can gain insights into call metrics, agent performance, and customer interactions, as well as major communication channels and several other performance metrics. Therefore, these features enable data driven and better decision making.

4. Best Practices to Use Call Center PBX Effectively

If you are going to use this technology for your call center, then here are the best practices that you must follow.

Choose the Right Software

As discussed in this blog post, there are different types of PBX solutions available. Therefore, investing in research and choosing the right software is necessary.

Invest in Customization

Generally, all solutions are powerful and have different features to empower operations and communication of a call center. However, it is necessary to customize the solution to meet your unique business needs. This can give you a competitive edge.

Put Efforts Into Training

Invest resources to understand different features available in your call center multi tenant IP PBX solution. This training will help in the short run and long run to maximize value for money.

Invest in Innovation

Persistently invest in innovation and adopt new features and functionalities to stay ahead of the curve. Certainly, invest in upgrading to the new version of the software.

Concluding Note

In short, call center PBX solutions are popular among call centers because they meet their communication and collaboration needs. Undoubtedly, these solutions are popular among call centers. Therefore, there are several types of PBX solutions available in this software. So, you must be conscious to choose the right PBX software for your call center.

Implementation of the right software, following best practices, and a visionary approach can help a call center accomplish unachievable goals, too. We offer the best call center PBX system, call center system, and multi tenant IP PBX software. To learn more about these solutions and to get a custom platform, contact us now!