Call center solution and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software are two different platforms. Many businesses use both of these solutions separately. However, the best call center software offers features of private branch exchange solutions, also known as a business phone system and class 5 Softswitch software

If you elect a contact center solution, which possesses all the required features of the class 5 switch, you will not need to buy a separate solution. 

1. IVR

The cloud IVR solutions automatically attend the calls to remove the need for receptionists. The top contact center solutions have the best IVR solution integrated into the platform. It can also be used for internal communication with extensions. 

2. Call mute and un-mute

Any customer or colleague call may need to be put on mute while an agent discusses certain points with a supervisor or another agent. It is also required while the agent doesn’t want the customer to listen to the background noise. It is an important feature that both telecom platforms must have.

3. Call hold and pickup

If the agent is likely to take time in retrieving the required information, it is necessary to put a call on hold while the cloud call center solution plays music on hold (MOH). It keeps the customer engaged while the agent looks for the required information. The call needs to be attended once the required information is gathered.

4. Call transfer

The best call center software offers blind call transfer and attended call transfer and both of these are important features to have. It helps agents to transfer calls to the right agent by following a predefined standard. 

5. Ring group

It is another important feature, which is not available in all call center solutions. However, you must have this PBX feature in your software. It will ring the line of all agents until one of them picks up the call. It is an important feature, especially if you are operating in a remote environment.

6. Reports

All businesses measure some key performance indicators (KPIs). All important KPIs must be there in the reports. Both private branch exchange and contact center solutions provide reports and you must look for the following reports in your call center dialer solution:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agent performance
  • Resource utilization 

7. DND support

Calling a customer who has already subscribed to DND (Do Not Disturb) service can defame your business brand. Usually, when you use an auto call center dialer of the best call center software, you are likely to call all numbers until you use the DND support feature. Thus, look for the DND support feature.


Remember, standard features of a business phone solution aka PBX are necessary for consolidated collaboration and business relationship management with associates. Thus, you must look for the must have features of a private branch exchange solution in your call center solution. 

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