Call centers have shifted from a business-centric operational approach to a client-centric operational approach. Now, the whole focus is shifted to delivering jaw-dropping customer experience and services. This resulted in various innovations in this segment such as intelligent call center software.

An intelligent call center software has certain amazing features and functionalities to offer. One of the major characteristics of this type of call center solution is supporting omnichannel communication. It means this software lets call centers use all the most popular communication channels. Facebook is one of the communication channels offered by this software. In fact, it is one of the inevitable communication channels nowadays.

Call centers can leverage multiple benefits by acquiring an intelligent call center software, which has Facebook as one of the communication channels. Read on to learn about the major advantages of using Facebook in the call centers.

1. Pacifying customers

In the present world, customers are more impatient than earlier. They are more aware of their rights and they have multiple platforms to share their experience and issues. Unlike earlier, when customers used to wait to get connected with the agent no matter how long it takes, customers use social media platforms to share their issues. Facebook is one of the platforms on which customers share their anger if there is any issue or if the customer support center is difficult to reach.

It is necessary for call centers to use an intelligent call center solution offering Facebook as one of the communication channels, so they can pacify customers on Facebook. If customers send direct messages about their issues on the company page, agents can respond to them without leaving the call center software window. This helps in pacifying angry customers.

2. Assuring increased productivity

Social media sites, WhatsApp, etc. cannot be ignored nowadays. If a call center uses Facebook as an external solution, it would waste the time of agents. Also, there would be no calculative measures to assure agents are actually working and not wasting the time on Facebook.

By using an intelligent call center software offering Facebook as one of the communication channels, call centers can see all chats and messages exchanged by the agents. Also, agents do not need to leave the call center software. They can only see the direct messages that came to the page and not the general feed of Facebook. This assures that customers are catered, but agents are not wasting time and working with high productivity.

3. Assuring positive business brand

Everyone understands the worth of a positive and strong business brand. It not only helps in increasing lead generation, but it also helps in converting those leads even if your pricing is higher than the competitors. A positive brand can be built by reaching prospects on the platforms they spend more time on and by delivering the best customer services. Facebook is known as the most popular social networking site. By responding to angry customers and by quickly acknowledging the prospects, you can assure to have a strong and positive business brand.

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