The success key of any business is continuous increment of the client base. This demands acquiring new clients. In any business, there are two types of lead generation to increase the client base: Inbound and outbound. Our call center solution will ensure the graceful operations to convert both types of leads. It will not only increase the conversion ratio, but also your ROI. Our call center software can work as a great tool for continuous lead generation. How? Let’s unveil.

Outbound Lead Generation

These types of leads can be generated and converted by approaching the prospects. They can be approached with different mediums like door knocking, emailing, calling, etc. The door knocking has very limited reach as you can’t approach global clients using this technique. The email marketing can be useful. However, often a time the emails either land into the spam box or in a pile of other emails, which rarely get response. The calling will allow you to personally represent yourself and talk directly with the clients. Also, the response rate and closure rate is higher compared to other outbound lead generation tactics. Here, our call center can assist you.

Our call center has various features to generate outbound leads. Some of them are briefed below:

Predictive Dialer

It will call the prospects with an intelligent algorithm by keeping possible response rate in mind. This ensures that each staff member is utilized efficaciously.s

Manual Dialer

Our call center solution also has the webRTC based dialer. This can be used to manually calling the prospects. It uses the browser to browser calling mechanism and SIP based calling, which decreases the calling cost considerably. The call center solution also has the phone book in which you can save the prospect contacts. The numbers can easily import and exported.

Call Center Solution for Inbound Lead Generation

As per the experts inbound lead conversion ratio is much higher compared to the outbound. Thus, it is very much important to attend each inquiry call instantly by the right person. Our call center is made for this. It has many features to ensure you never miss any client call. Some of the features are briefed hereunder:

Automated Advanced Call Routing

This ensure that the call get attended by the right person from right department. So the lead can be converted quickly and response rate can be faster.

After Hour Support

It is important to attend the client calls even after the working hours. Our call center has features like IVR, Voicemail, Callback, etc. So your callers get the answer and assistance even when your staff is not working.

Real-time Views and Extensive Reports

Our call center offers the live call view so you can ensure to keep track of calls and performance of your team. It also offers a wide range of reports to measure the performance of your staff, campaign and many other aspects. This will allow you to work on weak points and sharpen the strength. So you can close more deals and expand your business.

There are many more features which will offer galore of benefits for your business. I would recommend having a free live demo. To book a demo and know more, contact us.