A call center is one of the industries that have been evolving. As time changes, new technology evolves the habits of consumers, and buyers change, too. To meet the expectations and demands of customers, it is necessary to first understand the audience means your consumer base and their common expectations.

Intelligent call center software has been a leading and most popular tool used by a majority of call centers. It is also benefiting them to meet customer demands. However, with the changing trends, a change in the tools and operations is required, too.

As per major studies and survey results, a majority of the consumer base is made of millennials and Generation Z. According to a report published by Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, by 2030, this consumer base, which is made of Gen Z and millennials, will have 5x times more wealth than their predecessors and thus, they will hold the maximum buying power. The economy is expected to reach 68 billion US dollars only for American Gen Z and millennials. When you combine the overall market across the globe made of these two tech-savvy generations, you can see a clear picture of huge business potential lying by delivering pleasant customer services to these consumers.

According to an official announcement made by WhatsApp, “WhatsApp crossed 2 billion global users in the year 2020”. This is the largest number when compared to users of all other communication channels like voice calls, SMS, email, etc. This again clearly proves the worth of WhatsApp as a communication channel in any customer care department or call center using an intelligent call center software to cater to global clients. Remember, the majority of this consumer base is made of millennials and Gen Z.

If the behavior patterns of these two target audiences are studied, for these generations, time is money and they do not have time to call a call center to get support and hang on the line to get a resolution for their queries. They prefer a more informal way of communication without any restrictions. They prefer to have quick communication to know what is wrong and how things can be resolved. As we all know, WhatsApp lets its users exchange messages in both directions without any character limit similar to SMS. Moreover, people can send direct files, images, documents, etc., which is quite complicated with text messaging. In fact, one needs to use MMS, which has certain restrictions. Voice calling is slow and formal as well as does not support rich communication. On the other hand, emails are too formal. Thus, Gen Z and millennials prefer on the go conversation using a handy and easy to use communication tool, called WhatsApp.

To cater to millennials and Gen Z consumers, adopting WhatsApp has become inevitable. Call center WhatsApp integration lets agents save time by using all features of WhatsApp within the intelligent call center software.

To meet the needs of the majorly targeted audiences and to have a strong relationship with them, all call centers must invest in call center WhatsApp integration.

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