Defining a sound call center strategy needs historical data, future prediction, and experience. The required experience you must be holding. And the historical data you can easily extract from the reports available in your intelligent call center software. Future predictions related to call center will be shared by us to help you devise the right inbound call center strategy.

To make this article more practical and useful, we will share the top trends inbound call centers will witness in 2021.

We have already shared the major trends on the outbound call center in our earlier article. Read the complete article to explore the top outbound call center trends to be witnessed in 2021.

1. Multiple communication channels would be necessary

  • This is going to be a major trend that will dominate the whole call center industry, both inbound and outbound.
  • Availability of multiple communication channels will become necessary as customers prefer a more flexible mode of communication.
  • According to a statistic, more than 80% of users use social media platforms to share their negative experiences. Therefore, the integration of social media pages and profiles with the call center solution will become inevitable in 2021.

2. Empathetic conversation will help increase the success

  • Usually, inbound call centers attend incoming calls from customers who are seeking solutions for their concerns or queries. Agents take all calls mechanically by following the call script shared with them via intelligent call center software.
  • In 2021, empathy will be a great driving factor. Customers prefer to get more empathetic responses. Call centers attending customer care calls will need to work on the call script and the way calls are handled to ensure the essence of empathy is added in the conversations by agents.

3. First call resolution will be a driving factor

  • First call resolution means within the first call the customer gets a resolution to his or her query.
  • As per the industry leader, FCR (First Call Resolution) should be put on the topmost priority in call centers. This KPI (Key Performance Indicator) will define how customers will distinguish a company from its competitors. A good image will help companies to win more contracts and retain existing customers.
  • The intelligent call center software can help agents to improve the FCR rate by resolving the customer concern in the first call itself.

4. Customers expect to get contacted by the service center

  • An inbound call center is referred as an inbound call center because it attends incoming calls. However, it does not mean that the intelligent call center software used by the inbound call center does not allow it to make outbound calls.
  • Customers prefer to get contacted by the company related to their issues. They prefer that the customer care executives call them or contact them via their preferred communication channel. Not only this, but they also prefer to receive ongoing updates related to their concern.

5. Being valued is in the top 3 priorities of customers

  • A majority of customers complain that they do not get valued by the brands once they clear the payment and buy the product.
  • Customers want to get contacted by the customer care center to collect their feedback or to check on them to ensure they do not face any issues. They would like to share their opinion related to features to be added.
  • In 2021, call centers must keep this in priority and ensure they stay connected to call centers and take other actions as well to let customers feel valued.

These are the top 5 trends to look forward to in 2021. Other than these, inbound call centers will also get influenced by some of the trends followed by outbound call centers such as:

  • Personalization
  • Use of intelligent call center software and its features
  • Self-serving options
  • Data analytics

Stay ready to embrace these trends in your inbound call center strategy to delight your customers. If your call center solution does not have the advanced features or if you don’t have a call center solution yet, get in touch with us. Book a risk free trial of the most intelligent call center software.