Change or install new language in VICIDial

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Change or install new language in VICIDial

March 26, 2016

VICIDial is one of the best Open Source call center application based on VoIP technology. This application works with asterisk telephony engine to handle inbound and outbound calls. It is used widely in the entire globe by different people having different languages and that’s the reason we are writing this article to let the people know from where to change the language and make the suit compatible as per their convenience. Here we have mentioned some concrete information which can easily allow to change portal language as per your wish.

Spanish YES YES
German YES YES
French YES YES
Italian YES YES
Brazilian Portuguese YES YES
Portuguese YES NO
Polish YES NO
Slovak YES NO
Russian YES NO
Dutch YES NO
Traditional Chinese YES NO
Swedish YES NO
Danish YES NO
Japanese YES NO

If language menu is disable then apply following steps to enable language menu :

1) Go to Admin menu.

2) Then click on System Settings .

3) Search “Enable Languages”. If it is 0 then change it to 1.

4) Go to Users Menu and modify your admin user.

5) Search “Modify Languages” . If it is 0 then change it to 1.

Apply following steps to change language of admin and agent :

1) Go to vicidial Admin portal.

2) Click on Admin menu.

3) Select Languages menu.

4) There are some menu in header portion. Now click on “Add A New Language”.

5) Add language ID , description and code. As well as select admin user group which you want to add.

6) Click on “Import Phrases”.

7) Select language ID which you want to import language. Then select Import action.

8) Go to this link : All available dictionaries will be placed in this link.

9) These translation dictionaries can simply be imported into the “Import Data” and submit it.


VICIdial is trademark of VICIdial group, Inextrix is not associated with VICIdial directly.

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