With reference of this blog, You can improve your productivity in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.  Here we highlighted some important features to enable which avoid any further glitch while making the android application ready and that is IDEA features to address the issue.

Clear Data From App

When you developing any app, you’ll surely have encountered the situations when you need to clean up the data of app. Some common examples include: testing some runtime flow, an upgrade of the database, and so on. Open Setting => Manage App => Open specific app => Clear data

Clear Data Using Plugin

And this task is very annoying some time when it requires to do repeatedly. So there is one plugin available to avoid this situation. That plugin, called ADB IDEA, and you can open this by menu Tools => Android in Android Studio: There is also shortcut available to open popup dialog for all this given adb operation [Ctrl + Alt + Shift +A ]

How do you install this plugin ?

Easiest way is to follow the instructions given here: https://github.com/pbreault/adb-idea#installation

Advanced Tips

To make the procedure even faster by using the plugin’s own ADB Operations dialog. Invoke it with Ctrl+Shift+A for Mac OSX (or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A for Linux and Windows). And you are able to use the awesome features of partial match capabilities of the IDE to select an action. To check it just type cr (shorthand for Clear Restart).