Numerous businesses have already switched their traditional telecommunication system with a VoIP phone system. If you have not joined this group yet, you must think about the advantages of VoIP based communication system for your business. With technology advancements, you are lucky to enjoy cheaper rates, the better quality of service, improved security, cloud based access, and several other advantages. Moreover, it is not that difficult to switch from a traditional to a modern VoIP communication system for a business. 

When you made up your mind to switch to VoIP or look for options to move to this modern way of communication, you have to consider the options, so you can take later steps more conveniently. 

To help you make the right choice, we will help you make a comparison between two major options available to set up your VoIP business phone system. Before comparing these two major acquisition options, let’s understand some brief about VoIP communication systems for businesses. 

What is a VoIP telephony solution for businesses? 

A VoIP based telephony system for businesses usually gets developed by the best VoIP development company or offered by a VoIP service provider using a SIP trunking solution or any other VoIP based business communication software. 

This software uses SIP to SIP calling and internet lines to transmit voice, video, data, etc. instead of using the PSTN network, which is used in traditional telecommunication infrastructure. It provides a wider range of communication and collaboration features compared to its counterparts and also at cheaper rates, which is why it is more popular among businesses. 

Businesses that use a VoIP phone system usually have the option to get an on-premise or hosted solution to set up their business telecommunication infrastructure. 

How to get a VoIP business phone system? 

VoIP Telephony Solution by Best VoIP Development Company

There are two options to get this futuristic business communication system. 

  1. On-premise VoIP telecom system 
  2. Hosted VoIP telecom system 

On-premise vs. hosted VoIP phone system 

Let us help you make the right choice by comparing these two models in detail. 

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Concluding notes 

As you have sensed, both on-premise and hosted VoIP phone systems have their own pros and cons compared to each other. It is completely dependent on the business, its vision, manpower, and other factors to choose one of the models to initiate its journey as a techsavvy company and always reachable business. 

We are renowned as the top VoIP development company that builds VoIP communication systems for these businesses along with VoIP service providers. If you are in need of help getting a consultation to choose the right model for acquiring a VoIP phone system or looking for a reliable hosted or on-premise VoIP business phone system, contact us. 

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