VICIDial has been one of the major choices of call centers and businesses that prefer to use an affordable call center solution. Being an open source call center solution, it comes for free if one has the required experience in handling the technical aspects of installing the software. Even if one doesn’t know the installation process, this software can be availed considerably at cheaper rates as there is no license cost. However, as it is an open source VoIP platform, it might miss some of the necessary features, which demand VICIDial development. 

Businesses that use this software, often invest in building custom features to meet their day to day business needs. Usually, the best open source VoIP platforms are loaded with the industry’s best features, but still, some features might be missing if the open source system is not maintained proactively. This requires the development of custom features. Along with traditional features, some unique features can also be developed to gain a competitive edge. One may also want to invest in VICIDial custom theme development to make the look and feel of the software better and easy to navigate. Whichever the case is, it is necessary to keep some vital factors in mind while investing in the development for this open source call center solution. 

Here are the five driving factors that you must keep in mind to maximize returns from investment in VICIDial custom development.

1. Development or integration

When you decide to build a new feature or theme for this call center solution, you must first think about the available options. This can be a more sensible decision because it can literally save you time and money. As VICIDial has been in the industry for many years, common features are available as add-ons that can be simply integrated into the software. Likewise, there are many companies offering a custom VICIDial theme to businesses that are interested in the customizing theme. 

That means instead of investing in the development of features or add-ons, you can simply invest in integration. This would be not only a cheaper option, but it would also save a lot of time that otherwise gets spent in developing the feature or theme from scratch.

2. Functionality of the feature based on the business case

VICIDial Development and Consultation

It might be very exciting to develop never seen before features for open source software like VICIDial and one should also invest in building unique features. However, it is necessary to check use cases and business fit of that if you are expecting returns from that development. 

If you are building those features for your own use, then you must consider what would be the loss if you don’t develop those features. You can also try to calculate returns once the feature is developed and integrated. If there is a huge difference it makes sense to develop that feature. If it is something necessary, for instance, having omnichannel communication integration in the software, then you should not think twice as it has already proven its worth. 

If you are building the feature for your clients, then you need to invest in market research to understand how much demand is there for this feature. 

The company that offers VICIDial development services may also provide consultation to validate the worth of investing in the development of that feature.

VICIDial Development Services

3. Feasibility

Another necessary factor to consider while investing in development for this software is feasibility. You need to see whether the feature of a custom theme or any other functionality that you are considering developing for your solution is feasible to use with this call center software or not. If some features cannot be supported by VICIDial because of its open source nature or any other reason, then it would not be beneficial to build that solution.

4. Budget specific options

Another important factor to consider is your budget for building that functionality. For example, VICIDial custom theme development would be more expensive than buying a ready to use theme and integrating it. Likewise, if you require CRM features and thinking to invest in VICIDial custom development, then this would be an expensive affair. Instead of that, you can simply invest in a CRM integration service to integrate CRM with VICIDial. The companies offering development services also offer integration.

5. Hire the best VICIDial development company

Even if you have the required skills to build custom features in this platform, it is recommended to use VICIDial custom development services, preferably from a VICIDial development company. The reason is companies offering this type of service often have rich experience in building unique or standard features. Thus, the time consumed by these companies would be way shorter than when you develop features from scratch. They may also have options for a nice VICIDial theme based on your business, which just needs to be integrated instead of getting developed from scratch. All in all, you can gain the advantage of experience and business altogether by hiring a company for the development job. 

Concluding notes 

VICIDial is a powerful call center software solution with the required features. However, it misses out on some vital features in it because it is open source. It also doesn’t have that much appealing theme. Thus, businesses that opt for VICIDial often require customization or custom development. While you are thinking about investing in VICIDial custom development services, it is necessary to make a sensible decision by considering all major factors. To help you maximize your returns, we have explained the major driving factors that must influence your decision of investing in the development of custom features for your software. This will help you maximize your returns and also it will make it worth using an open source system. 

If you are interested in dependable VICIDial development services offered by experts, then your search ends here. We have been benefiting businesses with our expertise in this open source software for call centers. Along with customization, theme integration, installation, and other services, we also offer the best and most reliable development services for VICIDial users. Let’s connect over a call and discuss your requirements. Contact us NOW! 

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