Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is used by several businesses as an auto attendant system in several businesses and organizations. An IVR solution has been automatically attending incoming calls and greeting the customer with warm greetings for decades. Asterisk has been a pioneer in VoIP software development technology. Thus, traditionally an Asterisk development company used to develop a traditional Asterisk IVR solution. 

The traditional system used to just perform a static job of attending calls and greeting callers of the company with a prerecorded message. However, the technology space of the VoIP industry has been quite progressive and innovative. In the past decade, VoIP software development space has not only become more advanced but also affordable. Unlike traditional times, when only big enterprises and organizations like banks, insurance companies, etc. used to use Asterisk IVR software, nowadays, any business can use an Asterisk based interactive voice response system. From a startup companies to small and medium businesses can also invest in Asterisk development services to receive the best Asterisk based IVR solutions. 

The Asterisk development company offers custom Asterisk development services to build advanced Asterisk IVR software. This system can do much more than just work as an auto attendant system. It is like a class 4 Softswitch that performs several other jobs along with call routing. 

One of the most popular advancements in this software is integration with a CRM system and there are several advantages of using this type of interactive voice response solution. 

What is a CRM integrated IVR solution? 

The top Asterisk development company integrates a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution with the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). The system will not only provide the features of an IVRS, but it also fetches the information from the customer relationship management software to customize greetings. 

How does a CRM solution integrated with the IVR system work? 

The IVR system and CRM solution are two different solutions and usually, an Asterisk custom development company integrates IVR and CRM software solutions to build a comprehensive platform. Once these systems are integrated, they can be used to achieve several business goals. 

The common functional model of an IVR with integrated CRM software is as below: 

  • Auto attend the call: The IVRS will attend to each incoming call automatically. 
  • Fetch the name of the customer name: The system will fetch the first name and last name of the caller if the phone number already exists in the CRM software. The IVR system will use this information of the customer to greet with the first name. 
  • Dynamic responses: The IVRS will continue fetching information from CRM software and use that information while responding to the customer. 

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What are the major advantages of a CRM integrated Asterisk IVR system?

Major Advantages of a CRM Integrated Asterisk IVR System 

There are multiple advantages to using a CRM integrated Asterisk IVR solution. Let’s explore the top of them. 

Improve customer experience 

One of the major advantages of using a CRM integrated Asterisk IVR system is improving customer experience. Everyone likes to feel special and so do your clients. When your IVRS addresses customers by their names and when they provide more personalized responses, the customers will feel valued. 

Fetching information from CRM to deliver personalized responses can help in enhancing customer experience because the client does not need to wait for too long to receive a response. The client may also not need to wait to discuss with agents as the IVRS can respond to clients. All this and multiple other features and utilities help in improving client experience. 

Position a positive business brand value 

One of the major advantages of investing in an Asterisk custom development company to build custom CRM integrated IVRS is positioning a business brand. When your company invests in technology, it often impresses customers and even investors by showcasing your business as a tech-savvy company or a company that stays ahead of time by leveraging technology. 

Positioning a positive business brand value has several advantages such as better profit margins, no negotiation policy, a high customer retention rate, and more. 

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Increase business 

The interactive voice response solution with an integrated CRM system ensures a high customer retention rate and customer loyalty. This reduces investment in customer retention and marketing and saves money, but still brings in repeat business. Moreover, a business can also enjoy the advantage of referral business brought in by happy clients. In addition to that, a positive business brand helps in bringing in more customers for your business. This constantly helps in increasing lead conversion and revenue, so it will push returns of marketing campaigns. From all directions, you will be able to increase business with this technology driven Asterisk IVR software with integrated CRM. 

Increase productivity 

In general, a business uses an IVR solution to answer frequently asked questions or to implement an auto attendant option in business. However, when you use the CRM integrated system, the utilities of an IVRS increase drastically. This ensures that customers receive satisfactory responses from the system and the number of occurrences to pass calls to agents will be reduced. This will help in saving your resources to perform efficient and more productive jobs that need their skills. This helps in increasing productivity. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, the Asterisk IVR software with integrated CRM solution benefits businesses in multiple ways; from making more money for businesses to delighting customers, increasing productivity, and much more can be achieved with this innovative solution offered by the best Asterisk developers and companies. There are several amazing utilities of this solution that transform further into excellent advantages. 

We, Inextrix Technologies, are one of the leading Asterisk development companies that have a team of highly experienced Asterisk developers. From one of the best Asterisk based IVR solutions to offering CRM integration with an IVRS, and many other Asterisk based solutions are provided by our developers. We can help you with our service to integrate your open source or custom CRM system with an Asterisk based interactive voice response software solution. Let’s connect over a call to discuss your requirements and explore how we can partner together to harness the real advantages of an Asterisk IVR solution with integrated CRM for your business. Contact us now. 

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