Call monitoring is often one of the features available in a majority of VoIP calling software. Other than a SIP dialer or a PC dialer almost all VoIP solutions provide call monitoring in one way or another. However, Elect the Right Software has become more crucial in getting the best live call monitoring system in place.

There are multiple VoIP calling software solutions that offer call monitoring features in real-time such as:

  • Inbound call center solution
  • Outbound call center solution
  • Blended call center software
  • Hosted call center solution
  • Call monitoring software

It is necessary to choose the right software to place a reliable and effective live call monitoring system in place and we will help you in this process with our years of experience.

Factors to elect the right live call monitoring platform:

1. Call volume

The first and foremost thing to check is the number of calls getting handled daily. This includes all calls:

    • Attended calls (Inbound and Outbound)
    • Ringing calls
    • Conference calls
  • Missed or abandoned calls

If the number is very small, a dedicated call monitoring software to monitor live calls is enough. However, if your business is handling tens or hundreds of calls daily, the call center software would be the right choice to place the best live call monitoring system in place.

2. Team size and campaign types

The team size of your business is as important as the number of calls your business handles daily. If you have a small team size and you run call center-related campaigns, then you can use one of the hosted call center solutions with real-time statistics and call monitoring features. If your team size is big, then use an omnichannel call center solution with live statistics and call monitoring features to make sense. However, if your team size is small and you also don’t run campaigns related to the call center, then you may use any real-time monitoring software to monitor your calls in real-time.

3. Required features

The final thing to consider electing the right live call monitoring software is the features you need in this software. This can depend on your business model, customer type, offerings, future goals, and multiple other aspects. If you are offering products that would require post-sales support or if you are interested in generating more leads, then one of the contact center solutions with live call monitoring features would be needed. If you just want to assure the quality of the call and quality of service, a live call monitoring platform is enough.


Having a reliable real-time call monitoring ecosystem in place is necessary for all businesses nowadays. Elect the Right Software is depending on different aspects can help in increasing benefits for you. You may use the best call center software to enjoy multiple other features along with real-time monitoring of calls or you can use a call monitoring software for call quality assurance without investing heftily in the call center software.

Inextrix offers all types of platforms to meet your software needs for monitoring calls in real-time. For more details, contact us.