Improving performance is often a major goal of any call center or business that uses any of the VoIP calling software. If you use a call center software solution, you have some powerful technologies at your disposal that can enable you to improve call center performance. 

Major technologies that can improve call center performance

1. Advanced call distributor (ACD)

The contact center solutions have integrated the whole call routing system and IVR system solutions within it. IVR along with multiple ACD features make sure that the customer is connected with the best agent that can resolve customer concerns within the first call. This increases FCR and reduces the need of calling repetitively to get the resolution. It automates the job of attending and greeting a customer and connecting it to the most suitable agent, which results in better performance.

2. IVR

Yes, IVR is already covered in the ACD. However, an IVR feature available in all cloud contact center solutions holds features and technological advancements equivalent to the world-class IVR system solutions. It not just attends and greets calls, but it also provides efficient self-serving options to customers. This call center technology reduces call queues and increases agent productivity.

3. Autodialer

Any call center dialer software or an outbound call center solution offers multiple auto dialers. The predictive dialer available in the best call center software is an epic example of technology that is built to reach out to more leads and that also within the least time. Using this technology can help in increasing the results of outbound campaigns.

4. Call monitoring 

The call center solutions offer multiple features to enable supervisors to monitor calls and performance in real-time. The best call center software will have superior quality call monitoring features like live statistics, whisper, barge-in, etc. The call monitoring technology used in the trending contact center solutions is way more advanced compared to the best call monitoring software. This technology helps supervisors to take control if needed to assure higher and increasing call center performance.

5. Analytical reports

The advanced call center solutions come up with insightful reports built on solid data with analytical technologies. These reports not only give a deep dive into the currently focused key performance indicators (KPIs) but also give an insight into indirect factors that affect the performance of any call center. The right use of this call center technology can help call centers set the bar higher and achieve it, too.


The call center software nowadays gets built with world-class call center technologies. The software call center itself has various technologies and software integrated into it. These technologies are capable of enabling call centers to improve overall performance. 

From using inbound and outbound features available in the omnichannel call center solution to automating various jobs in a call center, taking data-driven actions, assuring the quality of service, and many more steps can be taken by using the right technologies to increase call center performance. We offer one of the best call center dialer software solutions that have technologies to empower call centers to increase their performance.