Nowadays, all on-premises and cloud contact center solutions offer major features, which are crucial for any call center. The sticky agent is one of the crucial features that are offered by call center solutions. Along with a call center software system, you can also find a sticky agent in a call routing system.

There are multiple advantages of using the sticky agent feature and one of the major ones is building a strong customer relationship. We will share more insight about the sticky agent and how to use it to build a strong customer relationship.

What is a sticky agent?

It is a call center software feature, which connects a customer call to the same agent every time that customer calls. As it sticks to the same agent, it is called a sticky agent.

How to build a strong customer relationship by using a sticky agent?

1. Define the calls for which sticky agent will be used

Even if it is one of the best and advanced features available in the call center solutions, you cannot use it randomly or in all inbound campaigns. According to the top call center software providers, the sticky agent is more fruitful while used for certain types of calls such as:

  • If a customer is a long term client
  • If a customer is a premium client using a higher package or investing more in your company 
  • If the customer concern is quite complicated and needs multiple follow-ups and calls
  • If it is a warm lead that came through an inbound call center solution

These are some examples, in which using a sticky agent is more beneficial than using any other call distribution features available in the best call center software or a call routing system.

2. Define workflow

To use this feature of the software call center, it is necessary to have a proper workflow. Brainstorm some scenarios and decide how to use the sticky agent at its best. Some of the scenarios to keep in mind to define workflow are listed below:

  • What if an agent is unavailable due to any reason?
  • Should the call of a customer connect with the same agent every time, even when the customer needs an agent with a different skillset?
  • When should a sticky agent expire for one customer?

3. Inspect the effectiveness

It is also necessary to monitor and revise strategy to make sure this feature of an omnichannel call center solution is delivering the expected benefits. 


How to build a strong customer relationship with Customer? Building a strong relationship with customers is necessary to increase retention and revenues. The call center solutions offer multiple features to help businesses achieve this goal. The sticky agent is one of the effective features of this software call center that can contribute to enhancing a customer relationship. You can follow the best practices mentioned in this article. Other than that, you can also take feedback from clients to know their experience with sticky agent functionality to keep fine-tuning strategy and increase benefits reaped using this feature.

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