The holiday season has started. Christmas just waved goodbye and soon 2016 will go by leaving its memories behind. Make sure to add your memory by wishing happy holiday season to your customers and staff. How? With traditional tools? No, with the voice broadcasting solution. The voice broadcasting solution will allow you to record the best wishes for this holiday season in your own voice and send it to all your contacts including your clients, vendors and staff. Think. How wonderful it would sound if your own voice wishes the important people of your business!

The voice broadcasting solution comes with an easy to use GUI based user panel which makes it very easy to use by anyone. A few clicks and you are ready with your personalized voice message which will reach the hearts of your customers, vendors and staff members. You can also schedule this best wishes message to get broadcast on a specific time. For example, if you want to send the new year wishes on 12:01 AM. You just need to schedule the voice broadcasting campaign at that time and then the voice broadcasting system will take care of the rest.

Along with the best wishes you can also send offers, discounts and other messages with this voice broadcasting solution. You can also ask customers to give their feedback on the given offer or opt for the new service you are going to start with the IVR solution which is part of the voice broadcasting solution itself.

You can effectively measure the results of the voice broadcasting campaign you ran by exploring the reports it offers. There is a bunch of benefits and utilities offered by the voice broadcasting solution.

We offer custom voice broadcasting solution development which will have all required features you want. For more details of this voice broadcasting solution, contact us.