ASTPP is a leading open source VoIP Billing solution which has the most proactive community among all open source solutions. This VoIP billing software is used by the 10,000+ businesses all across the globe and it is receiving 250 new users every month. We are proud to say that we, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are the official maintainer of this open source VoIP Billing Solution.

We have been in-charge of this solution since 2013. We adopted this solution when it was in almost dead stage and by making huge transformations in the code and technology; we have brought this solution to the stage where it is in the top position as the VoIP Billing Software. It is leading the industry among all third party solutions and open source VoIP billing solutions and we are glad that we could achieve this for this open source VoIP billing solution. The journey wasn’t easy at all. It was filled with a lot of odds, but because of our passion for this open source VoIP billing solution, we could achieve what we have today! There was a time when nobody was ready to invest a minute in this system and now there are many active contributors who keep on adding new tweaks and features to make this open source VoIP billing solution better day by day.

Yes, we have reached at the top position and that also without any support or sponsorship. However, now we are in the challenging situation where we have to make sure that this solution maintains the first position. We need to double the development, research and related activities to assure we stay ahead in the market. This is not for our personal gain, but for all thousands of businesses and experts that use this solution to run their business. For this we need a lot of funds and we along find it hard to manage.

To meet this demand of time we have launched a crowdfunding campaign and we will be glad if you contribute to this campaign to make this open source solution bigger, better and stronger. You can contribute in this open source VoIP billing solution in two different ways:

  1. Make a donation. For this, please visit and make a donation as per your suitability. This donation will benefit thousands of people around the world.
  2. Help us bring funds for this platform. For this, please help us spreading words about this crowdfunding campaign. You can share this blog, social media messages of ASTPP or directly share the link to make a donation to the people in your circle so we can reach maximum people and collect more funds.

We are looking forward to receive help from you and anyone you can help us to reach. To get more information or answers of your questions, please contact us.