First of all, let’s understand the concept of High Availability (HA) solutions. The HA solution is actually a way of setting up your network and system for any of the unified communication or VoIP software. It can be an intelligent call center software solution or a live call monitoring system. The experienced engineers provision your VoIP solution in a way that it can be up and running all the time and even in the conditions of possible failure, your customers can get catered without any hiccups.

The VoIP expert use clustering or any other model to set up the system, server, software, hardware, and other correlatives in your infrastructure in a way that the system availability can be maximized. As mentioned earlier, you can get the HA setup for any of your VoIP software. Generally, it is used in bigger solutions such as VoIP Softswitch, call center solution, call accounting system, etc.

Why high availability solution is vital?

Almost everyone in the VoIP industry understands the importance of high availability solutions. Still, there are some people that are not really aware of its vitality. Let me share the top 3 reasons to get the HA solution for a VoIP business:

1. Assure maximum availability

The HA experts set up the whole environment in a way that 99.99% of uptime for the system can be achieved. Even when the load on the servers or system is higher or there are some hazards, the HA system setup will assure that your solutions keep running and catering to the customers. In many cases, 100% uptime of the system can be achieved.

2. Take care of failure gracefully

The system or server usually does not get down even if the load on the system gets increased. However, there can be some circumstances such as power failure of your site or some natural disasters or something else which affects the performance of the server or system still the HA system can make sure the situation stays under control. Depends on the setup, the system can even remove failure completely from its dictionary by transferring the whole process on the backup server. The VoIP experts give extra emphasis on load balancing and failure recovery to keep everything under control.

3. Recover faster

The HA system also covers the recovery part by considering the worst. Yes, if everything fails due to uncontrollable events such as natural catastrophe, the system may not survive the stroke and get failed. Still, the HA experts usually make sure that the recovery time is as low as possible. Generally, the system recovery is performed within a few hours and makes the whole set up working in that timeline only.

If you do not set up the HA system, it gets near to impossible to withhold the adverse situations and get customer satisfaction.

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