Some years ago, not many people knew about augmented reality. However, with the increasing technological advancements, AR development is adding a fun element to the life of everyone, including, kids. In today’s world, children have become familiar with digital gadgets like smartphones, tablets and mobile phones right from an early age. Kids these days demand their own ‘screen time’ at home. It has become very difficult for parents to keep their children away from the screen. In order to make effective utilization of screen time, augmented reality can be merged with fun activities, games, and toys.

According to Statista, the global market size of augmented reality is all set to rise to above 198 billion USD by 2023.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced and immersive technology that helps to connect the digital world to the real world. It enhances the physical world by overlaying a computer generated digital layer which may be in the form of animations, graphics, videos, sounds and much more. AR development needs a physical object like a toy or a puzzle to create a virtual experience for kids. For example, if a child has a toy tiger, AR development enables the child to view the tiger how it appears to move in reality in the jungle or the forest. Indeed, with AR app development, just moving the AR app over the toy tiger is capable of bringing it to life on the screen. Using the computerized graphics, companies in AR development can make the tiger run and roar like it would do in real life.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

It is a myth that AR development in educational content is only useful for kids. The fact is that AR development benefits everyone, right from tiny tots and toddlers to students in college.

Let us take a look at the benefits and advantages that AR based learning offerings for children:

  1. AR development in the form of educational toys helps kids to get familiar with real-life scenarios and understand some key concepts, which would otherwise be difficult to understand in the classroom. For example, children can associate themselves with concepts like the structure of the atom, solar system, the universe, organs and organ systems in the human body, which they cannot really visualize or see inside the four walls of the classroom.
  2. Using AR toys, children can actually rotate and magnify the 3D models, objects, and animations on the screen using their fingers. This creates a fun, interactive, and engaging experience to learning for the kids.
  3. AR based toys and games allow kids to learn at any time and anywhere they wish to.
  4. The interactive approach that comes with AR development, it facilitates the children to grasp a lot of knowledge in a relatively short time span. Moreover, kids are able to retain the learnings for a long time.
  5. AR eliminates the rote learning methods which have been traditionally followed in schools and other educational institutions. It generates curiosity in kids to know more about what is around them. AR based toys and games have the capability of taking kids to different places like a historical monument or inside a rocket to experience what gravity is. AR method of learning relies on practical learning rather than mugging up things.
  6. In addition to education, AR based toys and games enhance the gross motor, imagination, creativity, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills of kids.
  7. AR development brings everything to life, which otherwise would not be possible for kids to experience.

AR based toys and games have the potential to transform and revolutionize learning and entertainment. Indeed, AR development is the future of education, learning, and entertainment for kids across the globe.

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