The call center industry is driven by data. This data includes everything related to the industry for which the campaigns are in action. Some of the common forms of data are customer insight, telephonic conversation, market statistics, the performance of the team, and many more. To stay ahead in the game, it is necessary for call centers to keep eyes on statistics. An intelligent call center software solution is indeed really powerful to let call centers make good use of data. In this article, we will describe in detail about the reports and the right use of the same to get benefited:

1. Focus on live data and take immediate actions

Generally, call center solutions show historic data in the form of reports, but the intelligent call center software are intelligent enough to know the value of live data. Thus, it shows live statistics. In fact, advanced intelligent call center software also shows live dashboards so data can be extracted in real-time. Real-time information is more beneficial as it gives the current status of ongoing activities. Based on this real-time information, one must take certain actions to enhance the performance. For example, if an agent is not performing well or making certain mistakes in his speech, then it is necessary to coach the agent in real-time so he can stop repeating the same mistake.

2. Review customer satisfaction related information

In a single minute, multiple calls run and multiple agents work. Thus, it becomes difficult to view all data in real-time. Here come the historic reports into the picture. Each call center may have different key performance indicators. Thus, the intelligent call center solution provides access to a wide variety of reports. One can review different KPIs with the help of these reports. Furthermore, call centers can also make use of filters to review custom information about the KPIs. The metrics related to customer satisfaction can help call centers to identify the weaknesses which can be improved with different approaches and ultimately the customer satisfaction ratio can be improved.

3. Review agent performance information

In any call center, the ratio of agent performance should be as high as customer satisfaction. Thus, it is necessary to review the reports that define crucial information about the performance and productivity of the agents. The call center managers can review the agent performance based on different criteria to identify strengths of agents so those can be channelized in the right direction.

End Notes

Reports in the call center are considered as bread and butter. Thus, it is necessary to have them with key performance indicator details. Intelligent call center software excels here as they have an amazing variety of live and historical data to offer in the form of reports. The call centers can make the right use of reports by spending the required time on the review and monitoring process which is necessary.

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