The adoption of DevOps methodology is rapidly growing because it joins two important dots in the software development or mobile app development industry, which are operations and development. In a majority of businesses, development and operations teams work independently. However, with the help of the top DevOps development company, it is possible to implement the best practices of DevOps methodology and leverage the top advantages of the business growth model in the software development process to boost business growth. 

In multiple ways, DevOps contribute to driving growth and success to a business. In this blog post, we will explore how this happens. 

What is DevOps? 

It is a methodology that comprises different tools, software, manpower, and best practices that focus on streamlining the operations of development and operation teams. 

In a traditional approach, the development team builds an app or a software solution and then hands over it to the operations team to release the software and deploy it. This used to create major challenges and roadblocks in the whole process. It also made it quite inconsistent and unreliable due to multiple issues. 

With the adoption of DevOps services, businesses can ensure that development and operational teams work in a collaborative environment to deliver more productive and performance driven deliverables.

1. Technical Advantages

Any technology or methodology that is technically strong can contribute to business growth. DevOps is one of the most technologically strong technologies that can be used to streamline the development processes of web and mobile app development companies in India and worldwide. Some of the aspects that make this methodology technically strong are listed below: 

  • Automation
  • CI/CD (Constant Integration and Constant Deployment) 
  • Code synchronization 
  • Dynamic version release cycle 
  • And more 

All this helps in improving the efficiency of the development and the operational team by using the technology tools that improve performance and productivity.

2. Early bug fixing

Bugs in any software development process are common. The best web app development company puts highly skilled software testing engineers and quality assurance experts to identify and resolve these bugs. In the traditional setup, the whole process is quite mechanical as developers develop the software, then testers test, and then the operational team deploys the software. At the time of the deployment, if the operational team finds errors or bugs, the whole process goes to the first step of the cycle. 

Unlike this, DevOps services ensure that everything goes hand in hand with shorter iterations. DevOps itself has some inbuilt testing algorithms that automatically find bugs at a certain level. This helps in not letting developers merge code in the repository until it is fixed for major bugs. Early detection of bugs even before going into the QA round saves a lot of time and other resources.

DevOps Services

3. Reduced time to market

Any company can grow only when the company succeeds in delivering a short life cycle of development. If development, testing, and deployment take a lot of time, then it can cause disruptions. The best DevOps development company implements the best practices of this methodology, which follows constant integration and constant deployment phenomenon. That means developing and deploying constantly to hit the market at the early stage. Unlike traditional web and mobile app development services models, DevOps constantly build a version of the website or mobile app with a predefined number of features and then release it to hit the market and start generating revenue. Revenue generation makes a direct contribution to the growth of the company. Isn’t it great that a business does not need to wait any longer to complete a whole software or mobile app to get developed to start making money? 

DevOps model helps web and mobile app development companies in India and worldwide not just to generate revenue, but also to test the market. With fewer features, the risk is also low. With DevOps methodology, businesses can hit the market early and start getting traction and feedback from customers. This helps in revising the early releases with better features and functionalities. This can also help in making less expensive mistakes and increase revenue generation and sustainability in the market.

4. Excellent performance

Unlike traditional web development models, DevOps use the most reliable software development methodology. It makes sure that all teams involved in the development of a web or mobile app work in collaboration. This not only reduces errors but also creates a collaborative approach in which each team gives expert suggestions and recommendations to make the most effective product. Unlike disorganized development teams that work and report issues, DevOps ensures that each member of a web app development company puts in his or her best efforts to make each release a success and boost business growth.

5. Better business branding

There are several benefits of launching bug free products and capturing the market earlier. This gives early access to the audience. Businesses can meet more consumers and win more hearts. Excellent performance, on-time version release, and similar elements help in making you a sustainable brand. There are several benefits of making a sustainable brand such as better pricing models, a high customer retention rate, an improved engagement rate, and more. DevOps methodology helps in achieving these brand benefits and boosts returns for a company offering web or mobile app development services. 

Concluding notes 

Web and mobile app development has been in the industry for several decades. And there have been several methodologies invented to support web and mobile app development models. DevOps is the latest and most appreciated development methodology because it helps in bridging major gaps found between development and operational teams. 

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