More than two decades back, VoIP communication technology was commercialized and since then, several inventions took place. There are many businesses that use different VoIP telecommunication solutions along with consumers getting benefited from systems like calling card solutions. Different VoIP software development companies invent different systems to meet the growing and shifting needs of end users and business communication. SIP Softphone is one of the most popular communication tools offered by these companies to meet the on-the-go communication needs of businesses. The invention of WebRTC solutions has brought several changes to the adoption of a SIP based communication phone. This makes it worth exploring a WebRTC based web phone and SIP based Softphone. 

In this blog post, we will explore all the required details about these two types of VoIP based communication phone solutions available for businesses. To give you a complete detail, we will cover the following points: 

  1. What is a VoIP based phone? 
  2. What is a SIP Softphone solution? 
  3. What is WebRTC? 
  4. What is a WebRTC web phone? 
  5. Softphone vs. web phone 
  6. Which is the best option? 
  7. Concluding notes 

Let’s get started to explore detailed information about this fascinating topic. 

1. What is a VoIP based phone? 

A VoIP based phone can be a webphone or Softphone. In both cases, it uses the VoIP phenomenon to initiate, conduct, and complete the call. It gives features like a phone app on the mobile phone or landline. It can have more advanced and fascinating features than a traditional phone app or system. There are several benefits of using a VoIP based phone system because it uses internet based solutions for communication. 

Major Advantages of Any VoIP Based Phone Solution

Some of the major advantages of any VoIP based phone solution are listed below: 

  • Lower expenses
  • Rich experience 
  • Extended communication features 
  • Enhanced reach 
  • Cheap international calling 
  • Portability and flexibility
  • Support rich media and different communication medium 
  • And more 

There are different VoIP based communication solutions available to provide phone like features to businesses or end users. Two majorly used and popular ones are: 

  1. SIP Softphone software 
  2. Web phone 

It makes it easier to use VoIP communication features because it gives an app that has a user interface like a phone app. Any non-technical person can use it with ease. 

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2. What is a SIP Softphone solution? 

It is a software solution that can be installed on a computer system or laptop, which is known as a PC dialer software solution. Alternatively, it can be a mobile app, which can be installed on a smartphone, which is referred to as a mobile SIP dialer app. 

It uses a SIP based calling mechanism and this software is used for app to app or app to phone calls. It supports multiple communication channels like voice, video, chat, file exchange, etc. This VoIP Softphone can be developed in any VoIP development technology based on a SIP Softphone development company. 

This app for VoIP communication has been very popular for many years. From individual business users to large enterprises and SMBs use this SIP Softphone software. 

3. What is WebRTC? 

WebRTC and Advantages of WebRTC web phone

It is one of the most recent members of the VoIP development technology family, but it gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing features and characteristics. WebRTC is an acronym for Web Real Time Communication. This technology is used to support real time communication through the web. The WebRTC development company can develop different types of WebRTC solutions to enable businesses to conduct real time communication via web browsers using web technologies. 

The capacity of WebRTC and SIP can also be integrated together to build a more powerful communication app by a WebRTC SIP.js developer. There are several applications and utilities of this platform and WebRTC based web phone is one of them, which is considered a great alternative to SIP based Softphone solution. 

4. What is a WebRTC web phone? 

It is a web based Softphone solution, which uses WebRTC (web based real time communication) phenomenon to conduct and establish a call. It usually comes as a web app, which can be accessed with authorized credentials. This communication solution can also be built with link based access, which does not require any type of credentials. 

A WebRTC phone will support all communication mediums, including, but not limited to, voice, video, files, photos, videos, presentations, and more. It enables one to one, one to many, and many to many conversations. It does not need any software or plug-in installation. Just a WebRTC enabled browser would be enough to access all communication features of this type of VoIP based communication phone. 

5. Softphone vs. web phone 

As you now understand the fundamentals of Softphone and web phone, let’s understand different aspects related to both of these types of VoIP phones. This will help you understand the clear difference between both and choose the best communication tool for your business or profession. 


Both of them support all different types of media, which are transmitted over internet lines. The only difference is that the SIP Softphone uses SIP lines for conducting calls and conference calls. Web phone uses browser technology to conduct calls and conferences. One can exchange files, presentations, etc. over a call. Moreover, one can have voice and video calls or instant messaging sessions. 

The Softphone may have a limitation in exchanging files as it does not support that during a live call. However, the WebRTC system lets you exchange files during a live call. 


Both systems support conference calling, but the former has a limitation. SIP based Softphone only supports 3-way conferencing. This means you can have a conference call between a maximum of three people as per the current features available in this software. 

WebRTC phones can be used for different types of conferences. It can support 3-way conferencing, as well as, multiparty conferencing. A WebRTC development company can also develop a custom application for conferencing to support one to many conferences for webcasting or webinars; many to many conferences to have a boardroom meeting or distant conferencing. This is not possible with its alternative. 

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Installation and setup 

You need to install either PC dialer software or a mobile SIP dialer app or both of them to use the SIP communication tool. If you want to perform a SIP to SIP call, then the next party also needs to install the software or mobile app. 

With the WebRTC system, you don’t need to install any software. All you need is a WebRTC based browser. Earlier, businesses needed to install a plug-in if the browser is not WebRTC enabled. However, due to the growing popularity of WebRTC based communication solutions, a majority of web browsers have started supporting WebRTC based communication solutions, including, phone to a WebRTC client solution. Even mobile OS and mobile browsers support WebRTC, which makes it accessible through smartphone devices as well. It does not require any installation and setup. 


To use the former app, one needs to configure a SIP profile. One may also need to configure extensions if one wants to use an extension to extension calling. 

WebRTC does not need any configurations to be made exclusively as it uses the configuration of web browsers. One may need to give permission to browser microphone and camera access to use voice and video calls, but other than that, no exclusive configurations are required to use this communication app. 

System requirements 

Softphone can work on 100 MB RAM with a decent internet speed. It will not need high configurations to run a call or this Softphone. VoIP Softphone needs bare minimum configurations to conduct calls. 

WebRTC will need a high configuration or the latest system with 500 MB RAM at minimum. It will also need high bandwidth internet to give excellent quality voice and video calls. If you will have multiple participants in the call, then you will need even higher bandwidth internet. If RAM is low, then it would fill up the memory when the call begins and result in the sound becoming choppy or croaking. 

Multiple SIP accounts 

The former can support configurations of multiple SIP accounts as the VoIP software development companies have built that facility. That means using a single app, one can use multiple SIP accounts and manage each of these profiles. This is one of the biggest advantages of this app over its alternative. This also makes it more beneficial for businesses that have a team of agents or executives that stay on the call and handle multiple accounts depending on the campaign or any other criteria. 

A WebRTC based communication phone system does not support multiple SIP accounts. Of course, multiple credentials can be used to log in to different user accounts of the WebRTC system, but it cannot support multiple SIP accounts similar to its counterpart, which is a weak point of this system at the moment. 

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CTI features 

SIP Softphone has a majority of CTI features, which are also known as common call controls such as: 

  • Call park and pickup 
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding 
  • Condition based auto answer 
  • Voicemail 
  • Call recording 
  • Status of call
  • And more 

A WebRTC based communication system does not have these CTI features. This is another weakness of this solution compared to its alternative. If a business needs CTI features, then webphone will not be of any use. The business teams that need to use call controls have to use Softphone instead of a web phone. 


Softphone solution supports integration with other VoIP communication tools like a cloud PBX system, IP PBX solution, call center software, class 5 Softswitch solution, or any other. The system can work in harmony. It also allows a system to add missing features to the software. For example, call center software needs a Softphone system to conduct calls. 

WebRTC based communication phones do not support integrations at the moment. It can definitely provide SIP integration to use SIP capabilities with this web browser phone with the help of WebRTC SIP.js developer. But, it does not support integration with any other system as of now. 

Which is the best option: Softphone vs. web phone? 

As you have come across different facts, both types of communication systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both also have their own applications. For example, if you want to use a system for regular communication in a business and integrate it with the best communication systems like an IP PBX solution, then Softphone has a better tool to give to your business. On the other hand, if you are using the communication or conferencing solution to manage sales calls, occasional team calls, product demo calls, etc., then the WebRTC system for communication is better. Thus, depending on the use cases, required features, and other factors, communication tools can be selected by a business. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, the requirements define the best option for business communication. Both SIP Softphone and WebRTC based web phone have their own strengths and weaknesses. Technologies have made some features accessible in each of these systems. Moreover, there are some missing features because of technology restrictions. On both fronts, especially, in the case of WebRTC, there are several inventions taking place and it is likely that WebRTC development companies innovate and invent missing features or technology to support the missing functionality in future versions to meet all business communication needs using a single system. 

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