Contact center solutions offer multiple features to take care of a single job to make sure the highest efficiency can be achieved. Unlike earlier, while an inbound call center solution was used to handle incoming calls and an outbound call center solution was used to handle outgoing calls, now using a single call center solution to handle multiple jobs related to both incoming and outbound campaigns is sufficient.

What is a progressive dialer?

The progressive dialer is one of the features available in advanced call center solutions. It progresses in a sequential order while retrieving the phone numbers of customers from the call center dialer software and dials it automatically. As it progresses in sequential order, it is known as a progressive dialer

How important is a progressive dialer for call center software?

Similar to other auto dialers available in an outbound call center solution, a progressive dialer is a very much important feature. It is also one of the commonly used features of call center dialer software. Thus, all call center solutions offer a progressive dialer as an inbuilt feature. 

Here are some of the major reasons that share why progressive dialer is so important for call center software:

1. It dials a number only when an agent is available

One of the major reasons this feature of contact center solutions is so important is that it dials the number only when the agent shows availability to take the next call. Unlike predictive dialer, it doesn’t dial numbers in advance, which may cause a bad customer experience if the agent doesn’t get available even if the call is picked by a customer.

2. It doesn’t waste time in previewing lead details

As soon as the agent shows availability to attend the next call, this dialer available in cloud contact center solutions dials the next number. It does not show any preview of customer lead before dialing a number similar to the preview dialer. This saves the time of agents, which can be used in handling more calls. Not all calls need agents to take a look at the lead preview.

3. It automates calling

Saving the time of agents to increase productive hours has become a necessity for call centers in this fiercely competitive world. Thus, a majority of VoIP calling software solutions automate different operations. Progressive dialer, too, automates the operation of retrieving and dialing a phone number. This is very important in a call center that uses a call center solution as it can save significant time otherwise wasted in manually dialing numbers.


From on-premise to hosted call center solutions, all offer one or more auto dialers. The progressive dialer is one of the auto dialers available in each software call center. It can eliminate the manual job of dialing numbers. It also doesn’t delay connecting an agent to the next lead in any way. Thus, it can directly contribute to increased productivity and better resource use. This makes this dialer available in call center dialer software so important.

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