The Role of Omnichannel Call Center Solution in the Healthcare Industry

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Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Similar to all other industry verticals, competition in the healthcare industry is also increasing each passing day. Thus, the healthcare industry needs to adopt the latest technology tools to reduce barriers that may push their clients away. An omnichannel call center solution is one of the VoIP calling software that can empower the healthcare industry.

Let us share how any healthcare practitioner can use a contact center solution with omnichannel communication support and what is the role of this software.

1. Register new patients and book a medical appointment 

The role of this contact center software starts from the very first interaction of a patient with a doctor. It can help patients register themselves to receive the required medical attention. For this, the patient doesn’t need to visit a hospital. It can be done remotely using the IVR feature available in all contact center solutions. Patients can also book an appointment for a health checkup.

2. Provide telemedicine and tele-counseling to patients

In many countries, remote medication is provided using telemedicine and tele-counseling services. The best contact center software can be used to provide these medical services to clients. This VoIP calling software also lets hospitals charge patients per minute from their phone balance to generate revenues. As it is an omnichannel call center solution, patients can also use other channels to communicate with medical staff.

3. Facilitate patients by connecting them to the right doctors and counselors

Patients may need to talk to doctors directly to discuss their medical reports or other similar things. Here as well, contact center solution is useful. Its inbuilt call routing system connects patients with the right doctors or their appointed doctors.

4. Facilitate patients with remote reports 

The dialer for call center with an omnichannel communication facility lets hospitals send reports to patients via the patient’s preferred mode of communication. This can add convenience along with care to enhance the patient experience.

5. Follow-up on patient experience

Hospitals need to follow up to check on the patient experience to combat competition. Some hospitals also use it as a marketing channel to up-sell and cross sell some of their offerings. A contact center solution with omnichannel communication can be a great tool to simplify and speed up medical and marketing follow-ups.

6. Pay medical bills remotely

This software call center can also be used to send medical bills to patients via WhatsApp or email and let them pay it remotely. This can add up to the convenience given to patients.


Contact center solutions with omnichannel communication support empower the healthcare industry through different stages of patient care. This software is built with amazing features, in addition to offering preferred communication channels to patients. 

From the very first phase of getting registered to receiving reminders and alerts for the next medical appointment, providing remote care and telemedicine facility, collecting feedback, proposing new services, allowing remote payments, and much more, an omnichannel call center solution can do for the healthcare industry. It has now an irreplaceable role in the healthcare industry.

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