Multi-Tenant Call Center Solution

Multi-tenancy or Multi-Tenant Call Center Solution involve an architecture where a single package application can serve multiple customers. Each and every client or company that is created under such multi tenant call center architecture can be referred to as a tenant. A multi-tenant outbound call center software enables users to setup separate tenant partitions where one tenant cannot have access to the configurations or data of other tenants.

A Super User can have control of the tenants through the Admin Portal without the need to manage each and every aspect. This can be done by enabling all the aspects of a call center except the tenant control and trunk setup features. The tenant can create a hierarchy for allowing different roles within an organization for viewing and managing reports and screens pertaining to their specific role.

Multi-Tenant Call Center Features

There are a wide range of features offered by multi tenant call center Solutions. Inextrix is one of the best call center software solution provider that can offer VoIP call center solutions on multiple modes for a competent multi-tenant software system. Some of the notable multi tenant call center software features that are offered by them are described below:

  1. It can run on a single hardware without the need of any additional hardware

  2. Privileges and roles for controlling access to the screens and reports;

  3. It allows in setting up as well as organizing trunks according to the needs of the tenants;

  4. It offers a pre-defined extension range which helps the agents per tenant avoid conflicts;

  5. An open source call center solution is comprised of separate lists, leads and campaigns per tenant;

  6. The program allows in setting up numerous separate tenants along with trunk and capacity control;

  7. It can be integrated with CRM systems like vTiger CRM;

  8. The call center management system can be scaled according to growth

Benefits of choosing a Multi-Tenant Call Center Solution

For any call center looking to enhance its business with a VoIP calling Solution, it is a practical choice to opt for a multi-tenant call center software as it can offer numerous user features under a single roof. Moreover, since it is an affordable and cheap call center software, it can help call center firms to save on a lot of their telephoning expenses.

The best part of using a VoIP online call center software is that the call quality is quite good and it can aid in attending to the needs of customers in a better way. It is due to such reasons that leading call centers are always looking for the best call center software solution with multi-tenant features.