M-Commerce applications are getting familiar to almost all of us day by day. It has been a part of our regular schedule or life. All apps are using different different kind of ways to implement purchase of any kind of products. Basically In App purchase payment method is used for iOS apps, though It can be used with other mobile platforms as well. Flexibility provided by In App Purchase is that, you can easily change the prices of your products even if app is already at market place.

In app purchase gives users flexibility to buy any product within the app. This product may be tangible or intangible items. These products may be of following types:

  • Consumable: This kind of product can be purchased multiple times, Suppose you have purchased the product and you can purchase same product again after some time duration. In any game if a user gets died then he can get alive again by purchasing In App Product. This will unlock the app limited features for some time period. It may be possible that after defined time period, that paid feature is locked again.
    Example : Game currency, Game hints, etc..
  • Non-Consumable: This category is the exact opposite to the previous one, Once you have purchase Non-Consumable products, you can’t use it afterwards. This kind of products can be used for lifetime once it is purchased. For example, buying songs, and the extra fonts must be available from there on and forever.
    Example : Extra character, Remove ads, etc..
  • Renewable Subscriptions: With this, the purchase must be renewed from time to time and it’s suitable in cases you sell a service that requires a subscription.
    Example : Newspaper, Magazines, etc..
  • Non-Renewable Subscriptions: On the contrary to the previous case, a non-renewable subscription will be used for one time only and then that product gets expired. If product does not require to repeat the subscription that time, Non-Renewable subscription is useful. Some time bound event which will not occur same for the next time, this kind of event or product may be part of this subscriptions.
    Example : Subscriptions for a set period of time, Sports season pass, etc..

It is very easy to manage In app products online. It allows us to change product value at any time user requires. You can use In app purchase after following these steps:

1.. Make In app purchase enable in X Code


2.. Create In-App Purchase product records in the iTunes Connect portal


3.. Add specific code to get the IAP product info from Apple and perform payments


As In App Purchase is very useful and handy, so many apps uses this feature for their product selling. After In app purchase, user can manage the currency to the transferred account as well.