There are many call centers and businesses that have been using intelligent call center software for their operations. This software is one of the most popular and advanced call center solutions. There is much you can do by using this software and one of them is accelerating growth.

In this article, I will share the top tips to accelerate growth using intelligent call center software.

1. Define the major KPIs

The growth of any call center or business depends on the following criteria:

  • Improving productivity
  • Improving overall efficiency and performance
  • Reducing expenses
  • Improving customer satisfaction

To make sure the call centers and businesses keep progressing in the positive direction, they must define KPIs related to each criterion mentioned in the above list. The call center should monitor all the important KPIs closely. An intelligent call center solution offers reports and live statistics to monitor the KPIs.

2. Take the required steps to improve KPIs

The call centers need to constantly improve these KPIs. For this, the call centers can take various steps. For example, selecting the right call routing rule of the intelligent call center software can help in improving customer satisfaction and productivity, which will further reduce expenses. Improving call script, providing the required training, and much more a call center can do to improve KPIs using an intelligent call center software solution.

3. Keep upgrading your focused KPIs

Many call centers keep monitoring the same KPIs for ages. Depending on various factors, these KPIs need to be changed or upgraded. For example, if the nature of the call center campaign changes, then the first call resolution KPI can get changed to the reduced average call duration. To accelerate growth, call centers and businesses should constantly measure the validity and usefulness of the KPIs they are monitoring and change focused KPIs if needed.

4. Keep upgrading to the advanced tools

Similar to the KPIs, the tools used to work on growth factors also need to be upgraded. For example, initially when the intelligent call center software was launched by software development company like Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, it used to support voice calling, standard caller ID, and other advanced features. With the shifts in consumer behavior and changing telecom rules, Inextrix launched a custom caller ID that lets intelligent call center software users use caller ID that matches the criteria of Europe. The intelligent call center software offered by Inextrix also supports omnichannel communication, including, WhatsApp, SMS, email, chat, etc. It supports all major communication APIs such as Twilio for SMS. In a nutshell, technological tools get upgraded from time to time to provide in-demand features to their users. To accelerate growth, call centers and businesses need to upgrade their tools as well, including intelligent call center software, CRM, etc.

5. Upgrade team skills

Along with the software upgradation, team skill development is also necessary. Provide the required training and support, so your team can work more efficiently.

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