Call center solutions have gained a lot of popularity these days. From call centers, which have been the traditional users of this software, to startups and small businesses, all scaled businesses have started using this software. The increasing demand of this software for multiple reasons has also increased the complexity of the purchase process. The main confusing question that almost all buyers of a call center solution face is, which call center solution to buy?

In the market, almost each call center solution appears similar as they have identical features. However, not each of these solutions is the perfect one. In this article, we are going to share one of the important characteristics of this solution, which must be one of the criteria to compare.

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In this article, we will explore more details on multi tenant call center solution.

What is a multi tenant call center solution?

  • Any call center software such as intelligent call center software that supports tenants is called a multi tenant call center solution.
  • In simpler words, if you have a call center, which can let you create sub-accounts, technically referred to as tenants is a multi tenant call center solution.
  • A multi tenant call center software solution will have the main admin panel, which will have the required features to create tenant accounts with limited or all features.
  • The intelligent call center software like iCallify with tenant support will allow you to create hundreds of tenants and manage them.

What makes multi tenant call center software important?

The first and foremost thing is, not all businesses or call centers need a multi tenant call center solution. They can work efficiently with an intelligent call center software solution that supports a single tenant, which means a single account that uses all call center software features. Of course, it will have an admin/ supervisor, and agent dashboard, but it will not be able to let you create other tenants.

There are some types of businesses or call centers that need a multi tenant intelligent call center solution now or may need it in the future. Here are these two business natures:

  • If you want to run a SaaS-based business using an intelligent call center solution, you need a multi tenant solution.
  • If you have multiple branches, which will use call center software features, then also you will need a multi tenant system.

If you are considering any of the above-mentioned options to be applied in the future, you should get a multi tenant solution or need to make sure that your vendor can provide it.

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