The fundamental operation of any support center or customer care center is assuring call quality. Support centers recruit the most experienced agents and best tools such as intelligent call center software to assure the best call quality. Still, there are some customer care centers that deal with poor call quality. Whether you are one of them or not, it is beneficial to learn about ways of increasing call quality. Let’ begin.

What is the call quality?

First of all, it is necessary to learn what the call quality actually is. Call quality not only means a call that doesn’t get disconnected, but it also means agents treat customers with professional and to the point answers.

Intelligent call center software provides many features to achieve high call quality. I will share the top 5 ways of using them to boost call quality.

1. Provide script

Similar to traditional call center solutions, you can also provide the script to agents in intelligent call center software. This script has to be exactly the same you want your agents to conversant with customers. Of course, it may have some changes in it in real time, but the core message of the script needs to be conveyed during the conversation. Thus, create an effective script for each campaign and provide it to the agents.

2. Provide self assessment tools

In a call center, there can be hundreds of agents and it becomes difficult to assess each of them independently. It should not be the barrier at any cost. Thus, it is necessary to let agents assess themselves. Agents can listen to their own call recording to learn how they are treating their customers. Agents can also review reports offered by intelligent call center software to agents. Agents can make self improvement to improve call quality.

3. Do not forget to monitor in real-time

It is definitely not possible to monitor all calls in the call center still there has to be a monitoring process. An intelligent call center solution definitely simplifies this process by providing live dashboards. These dashboards help in monitoring ongoing calls and look deeper into the call that seems to need your expert attention. Furthermore, let your agents know that you are monitoring in real time, so they stay conscious while on the call.

4. Give the rank to agents

Intelligent call center software allows supervisors and admin to assign ranks to agents. These ranks can be used in various operations such as call routing. Based on the agent and his call quality, you can give agent rank and highlight best performing agents so other gets inspired to achieve the same rank.

5. Motivation matters

Agents deal with frustrated and uninterested people all the time. This often pushes their morale down. To perform well and to increase call quality, they need motivation. Agent rank is one of the ways to motivate agents. Furthermore, give awards and rewards to the agents that are working well and maintaining high motivation.

These are the top 5 tips you can follow to increase call quality.

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