Coronavirus caused pandemic around the world. In some countries, companies have started implementing the “Work from Home” model and in some countries, the government has enforced the rules of lockdown or curfew due to which the companies need to adopt the “Remote Work” model. Our intelligent call center software, namely, iCallify can contribute as one of the tools to consolidate the “Remote Work” model. It has many features that can be used to let your team and agents work from home. Let me share more details about the same.

1. Remote agent support

We have exclusive features to let you take advantage of the remote working model. This feature routes all the calls to the PSTN number of your agents. Here, the calls can be incoming calls or can be outgoing calls generated by one of the dialers. The PSTN numbers mean the mobile phone number or landline number of your agent. Furthermore, the “Remote Agent Support” feature has a “Ring Group” configured. It means all the numbers will ring for a call. As soon as any one of the agents picks up the call, other numbers of the agents will stop ringing. This is how the high availability of the agents is assured and all calls are attended.

2. Secure web access

The agents and supervisors can also access the intelligent call center solution from home. They can access all features available in this intelligent call center software for a productive workflow. On the other hand, the use of this call center solution will be safe and secure as we have a “Fraud Detection” feature in the iCallify. It detects fraud activities to provide secure access to the solution.

3. Value-added features

Our intelligent call center software also has some value-added features which are added in it when the iCallify Version 2.0 got launched. These features can be really useful to make the “Remote Work” model thriving. The WhatsApp integration lets agents use WhatsApp messaging with the customers and prospects. They can take advantage of the WhatsApp messaging for communication. Likewise, Facebook integration helps in using Facebook messaging as one of the modes of communication.

4. Automated communication

It is possible that you get more loads of customer calls because of Coronavirus spread. Generally, in this type of situation, people ask common questions. In this case, you can use some features of iCallify: intelligent call center solution to automatically answer the frequently asked or commonly asked questions. For this, you can use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) so the commonly asked questions can be answered. You can also use call broadcasting or SMS broadcasting to spread awareness about the COVID 19 and to keep your customers updated about ongoing changes.

End Notes

iCallify is an intelligent call center software solution that is perfect to let companies deal with the “Remote Work” model related challenges effectively. We can provide a quick demo and installation of the solution. Contact us to know more about it.