VoIP based communication benefits businesses and end users to leverage the advantages of feature rich communication at cheaper rates. Serial entrepreneurs have been investing in this technology to improve their business revenue model. There are several businesses running on top of different VoIP solutions. Using any known VoIP software development technologies, an entrepreneur can get the VoIP system developed to run a business as one of the leading VoIP providers. However, FreeSWITCH development is more popular among all options. 

In this blog post, we will explore more about building an IP telephony solution with FreeSWITCH and the best practices and recommendations from a leading FreeSWITCH development company. 

  1. FreeSWITCH solution development and its benefits 
  2. Options to develop a FreeSWITCH solution 
  3. Recommendations to build the best VoIP solution with FreeSWITCH software development 
  4. Concluding notes 

So let’s explore all the required information about this insightful topic, so you can get an ideal solution development using this cutting edge technology. 

1. FreeSWITCH solution development and its benefits 

FreeSWITCH is the first choice of a majority of VoIP development companies because telephony solutions developed using this technology would be more scalable, robust, and secure. There are several reasons behind the popularity of FreeSWITCH as a development technology. 

Excellent quality of video and voice 

FreeSWITCH is renowned for delivering exceptional quality of service. It can handle voice, video, and data over a single line. Moreover, it has a mechanism to handle multiple concurrent calls without affecting the quality of service. Thus, a FreeSWITCH custom development company can achieve crystal clear voice quality, high definition video quality, and an uninterrupted calling experience. 

Inbuilt modules and libraries 

It is built by a community of expert FreeSWITCH developers that have previously worked for the Asterisk platform. FreeSWITCH has multiple in-built libraries and modules that can be used to build scalable solutions like a class 4 Softswitch solution, IP PBX software, voice broadcasting system, call center solution, and more using inbuilt modules and libraries. It can help businesses build telephony solutions quickly and still achieve the best quality of service. This can reduce time to market and achieve high performance and productivity. 


FreeSWITCH is the most versatile platform. it supports the development of VoIP solutions using any or all popular development technologies like Perl, Java, C, Python, JavaScript, .Net, etc. It also supports different codecs, media files, protocols, and platforms. It also runs telephony solutions built using FreeSWITCH over different operating systems like Linux, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS, Debian, etc. 

2. Options to develop a FreeSWITCH solution 

To leverage all potential advantages of FreeSWITCH to build a sustainable solution, it is necessary to choose the right model. Even if you know everything about FreeSWITCH development, it is necessary that you don’t engage yourself in the development process. If you will get involved in the development process, you will not be able to focus on your business and its expansion. To make the right choice, you must know all possible options to develop the best FreeSWITCH based software. 

In-house development 

One of the options is you hire FreeSWITCH developers locally and set up a department for development. This option may be convenient and fascinating, but it may result in losing focus because you would need to spend time managing the team and their concerns. Alternatively, you need to put a manager to handle these tasks. The benefit of this model is you will have a team right in front of you. 

Hire FreeSWITCH Developers

Hire a remote developer 

You hire either a freelancer or a remote developer from a FreeSWITCH custom development company. Both options have their own pros and cons. A freelancer developer would be cheaper. However, hiring a developer from a company will make things more reliable and ensure on time delivery of the software. Moreover, you can hire as many developers as you want from a company, which would be difficult if you hire a freelancer. Even if you hire multiple freelancers, coordination between them and defining the standard working model can be difficult, which makes that model a bit unreliable. 

Outsource to a FreeSWITCH custom software development company 

Outsourcing the whole project of VoIP software development using FreeSWITCH technology would be another option. You can choose one of the best FreeSWITCH development companies, discuss your requirements, lock the scope, and outsource the project. The benefit of this model is you will be stress free about the development process as your provider will handle it all. You will not need to manage technical aspects at all. All you focus on is the outcome and deliverables as per the predefined deadlines. 

3. Recommendations to build the best VoIP solution with FreeSWITCH software development 

You can choose the best option for you to build the right software based on your choice. Now, let’s explore how a top FreeSWITCH development company builds the best VoIP solution using FreeSWITCH. 

Define target audience 

Whether you have a unique idea or if you are batting on one of the typical VoIP solutions such as a class 4 Softswitch solution, IP PBX software, voice broadcasting system, call center solution, etc., it is necessary to define the target audience. This will give clarity on various other aspects such as features, language, currency, etc. to be implemented during the development process. It will also help you define your marketing, launch, sales, and other strategies.   

Define features 

The next step is to make a list of features and functionalities that you want to develop in your solution. With help of the right FreeSWITCH custom software development company, you can develop any feature. Even unique features can be developed. However, it is necessary to have a clear outline of what you want in your FreeSWITCH based communication solution. This will help in defining the roadmap, budget, etc.   

Create a roadmap 

The next important decision to make is defining the roadmap of your project. You may want to build all features and launch a comprehensive solution. However, it is always good to hit the market with a proof of concept or a solution with must have features and receive feedback from clients. This will give you reduced time to market related benefits and it will also let you test how customers respond to your software. Involve your FreeSWITCH developers while creating a roadmap because they will have experience in designing roadmaps. 

Launch a POC and generate sales 

Once your roadmap is finished, the actual development process starts. The first milestone would be obviously launching a POC product. You must invest in proper digital marketing and other channels of marketing depending on your target audience. This will give you an easy entry into the market. As the world is moving towards digitization, having a digital presence is a must. You may also need to invest in referral marketing, build a strong reseller network, and try other possible tactics to generate sales.  

Collect user feedback and implement it in future versions 

Once you have customers using your product, you must get feedback about the product, its features, its efficiency, its user interface, and other aspects. Based on the feedback, you can guide your developers or development company to build further iterations of the software. 

Leverage advantages of marketing 

As mentioned earlier, invest in the best digital marketing campaigns. One of the best VoIP development companies can help you build the most robust, scalable, and feature rich communication and collaboration solution in FreeSWITCH. But, using marketing and advertising, you will be able to build a real business and generate revenue. You will need to convey your unique selling points to the audience using digital and conventional channels. Resellers can also be a great channel of marketing and sales. Building the best software is a great thing, but to build an ultimate business, you will need to market your solutions and their USPs. 

Concluding notes 

FreeSWITCH is definitely the best technology to build a cutting edge technology solution and make a mark in the digital telecommunication industry. As the world is switching towards digital options, building a telephony solution can help you launch a revenue generating channel. Follow the tips shared in this blog post to take advantage of FreeSWITCH and build a strong business in the VoIP industry. 

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