Running a call center is a complex job. There are many challenges one needs to tackle to deliver the best customer services to the customers. Increasing sales by generating new leads and/or retaining customers with the best customer care services can be considered as two major goals in this industry. To achieve the predefined KPIs, the call centers take many actions and one of them is acquiring powerful tools such as intelligent call center software.

Generally, call centers run calling campaigns. The agents receive and make calls by using an intelligent call center solution. This software also supports multiple communication channels such as WhatsApp messages, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, still, there are many call centers that stick to the calling campaigns and do not find social media integration worth an investment. If you are running a call center and thinking something like this or if you are genuinely researching on the question of whether to invest in social media call center integration or not, read on.

By keeping the current trends and customer behavior in mind, it is necessary to integrate one or more social media channels in your call centers and use them to have a conversation with your customers. There are many reasons to do so.

1. Listen to your customer concerns

As per the current user behavior trends, consumers take the help of social media platforms to get their frustration out. They write comments on the official social media page of the brand or write the post about their bad experience on their wall. All in all, they put anger on social media. You might be investing in the best digital marketing services or resources, but your digital marketers cannot handle an angry customer as good as your customer care agents can. Integrating social media profiles with your intelligent call center software can let your agents handle these customers without leaving their agent window.

2. Increase productivity

Other than intelligent call center software and other technological tools, the call centers also focus on acquiring experienced agents. As mentioned in the first point, customers might be reaching the brands on social media for their query resolutions. Nobody is better than your skilled agents to resolve their concerns. However, it is not possible to have an agent that can handle all concerns. Also, it is not feasible to let all agents stay online on social media profiles as this may lead to a waste of resources and decreased productivity. The social media call center integration assures that the call center agents can receive the customer concerns within their window. They can respond to the questions and concerns of the customers. In any way, they do not directly open the social media sites which may distract them and waste their time. Furthermore, the integration is made in a way that only one agent can handle one conversation. It means multiple agents cannot respond to the same client, which removes ambiguity and again help save time.

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