Call centers vigorously seek for high customer satisfaction. Today’s customers have more options than earlier in terms of providers. Due to cutthroat competition, businesses invest in call centers or call center services because customer retention is more important than new customer acquisition. There is a simple reason behind this objective. Retaining an existing customer is five times less expensive than acquiring a new customer. To have increased customer retention and higher customer satisfaction ratio, the call centers invest in the best skill sets and tools. One of the most trending tools is an omnichannel intelligent call center software.

An intelligent call center software offers a wide array of features and one of the most trending offerings of it is WhatsApp communication. The call centers have started demanding WhatsApp integration in their intelligent call center solution for all the right reasons. If you run a call center and still wondering whether to invest in WhatsApp integration or not, read on to know why it is a must for you.

1. It is one of the preferred modes of communication

WhatsApp has become the favorite mode of communication for anyone and everyone. One can send a message on the go and then get back to work. It is a fast and lightweight app. Moreover, there are no ads to distract users. Well, all in all, it gives a great customer experience. Thus, WhatsApp messenger made its place in all smartphones. Adding WhatsApp as one of the communication channels will let you provide a preferred mode of communication to your customers. This will help you increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Agents can be more productive

An agent can attend only one call at a time. Also, he has to have a formal conversation which starts with a formal greeting. He has to read the call script to assure the whole experience delivered to the customer is professional. In a nutshell, the agent has to invest time in handling a call and giving a good experience to the customer. On the other hand, WhatsApp integration in the intelligent call center software lets agents respond to the customers from his call center agent window. There can be predefined messages and responses, which can be quickly pasted for the customers. At a time, an agent can handle more than one customer and this helps you increase agent productively significantly.

3. Each WhatsApp message will be attended

One of the major challenges faced in the call centers is the abandoned rate. The long call queues frustrate customers to the level that they leave the call queue. This increases customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the inclusion of WhatsApp as one of the communication channels help agents to respond to messages of each customer. When a customer sends a WhatsApp message, it will be received by all agents. As soon as an agent replies to the message, others will not be able to reply to them. All customers will be attended earlier than they will be in a call queue in a majority of cases.

All in all, the inclusion of WhatsApp messaging in the call center helps in benefiting both customers and agents. This, in turn, improves the overall ROI of the call center. To know more about it, contact us.