VoIP uses Intent Protocol to initiate, make, and release calls. Two well-known facts about VoIP are it is cheaper than traditional communication and provide better quality. Mobile Dialer is also known as Mobile SIP Dialer, SIP Softphone, and Mobile VoIP Dialer. Mobile Dialer is a mobile application that allows you to make and receive calls through your smartphone or mobile device using VoIP technology. It can be said that it is a mobile version of a softphone.

VoIP phones or mobile dialers are very popular in the world today. As the user base of VoIP technology has grown dramatically, the quality of service itself has improved significantly. Today, the VoIP industry is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide.

Types of VoIP Phones

There are two types of VoIP phones.

1. Hardware-based IP Phone

This type of VoIP Phone is similar to a traditional landline or cordless phone. Physical features included in these phones include speakerphones or microphones, touchpads, and display screens that display user input and caller ID. This phone was primarily used for voice calls. If these phones have the ability to send and receive images during a call, they are called video phones.

2. Software based IP Phone

Software-based VoIP phones or software, commonly called softphones, are simply software and more popularly known as SIP dialers. Install the software on your computer, called PC dialer, or mobile device, called mobile SIP dialer, to make VoIP calls on your device. The features available on softphones are similar to those on hardware-based VoIP phones. The external headsets or built-in microphones with microphones and speakers help users to hear and talk to each other.

Advantages of SIP SoftPhone

The benefits that VoIP phones or mobile SIP dialers offer include:


VoIP call rates are much cheaper than traditional cellular service providers. In addition, you can sometimes make VoIP calls for free.

Latest features:

VoIP phone is easy to use and offers a variety of features. These features include all the features of a traditional phone. In addition, these features have been upgraded to provide a better experience in keeping with current trends and changing needs of people.

Real time Communication:

VoIP or SIP Softphones especially softphones provide voice calls and conferencing. And these are all real time. Therefore, it is a huge advantage for people and remote workers to stay connected or attend meetings at remote locations.

Scalability and Reliability:

Mobile SIP dialers offer scalability features for business use and are also reliable in terms of security. Scalability features allow an organization or business to expand, add, or reduce the number of features or VoIP phone connections. The encryption of the VoIP phone makes the call and all other data transmissions safe.


In the early stages, mobility features were not available. But the gradual evolution and today’s mobile phones made all the difference. Software-based VoIP phones aka PC dialer and mobile SIP dialer can be installed on the computer or mobile devices and users can use it on the go. This makes VoIP calls much more advantageous than other options.

All of these features enable you to use advanced communication and collaboration tools such as mobile SIP Dialers at an affordable price. SIP dialers can be used for internal or business communications and can be used to provide telephone service to clients.

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