In today’s race with the competitors, customer satisfaction can seriously impact a company’s profit, and it is easy to calculate with the direct loss of the customers. The company often ignores the damage caused by negative experiences shared by their customers. Quickly answering a call without any wait is essential for positive customer experience and so many as such factors need to take care of and the best call center solution helps to achieve this.

Providing Tools they Need

If call center managers get important call center metrics and analysis from their intelligent call center software, the short term crises can be avoided and long term planning can be done more effectively. An intelligent call center solution provides manager the following information:

  • Number of  calls waiting for their turn in the queue
  • Current wait time which is the longest
  • Number of calls currently answered
  • Call abandonment rate
  • Regular answer time
  • Regular talk time

This allows managers to make smart decisions about short term (e.g., passing some waiting calls to non-call center employees who can handle customer service issues) and long term to improve service.

Minimize Duplicate Efforts Using Call Center Solution

When a caller is repeatedly trying to explain the situation until they reach the “right” person to solve the problem, the caller describes the problem many times which is really frustrating. The intelligent call center software can alleviate these problems with its feature, namely, auto attendant or interactive voice response solution that permit callers to connect with the right agent from scratch.

Quality Assurance Monitoring

If the call center manager has the intelligent call center software, they can monitor quality assurance in real time. The call center solution with call monitoring allows the manager to listen to the call without the agent knowing. The “coach” feature of call center systems allows managers to listen to the calls that the agent knows and make suggestions that can help the agent handle difficult situations (the caller cannot hear them). The barge-in feature allows the administrator to take over a call that is not going well and attempt to resolve the situation immediately using a call center solution. The intelligent call center software also provides a live call view and multiple metrics in real time to detect fraud and leverage many more benefits.

Outsourcing is Not the Answer

Outsourcing call center functions are usually made financially and are shortsighted. According to the Harvard Business School study, the level of customer service apt to decrease when companies outsource their call center activities. Thus, to increase customer satisfaction, one must keep an in-house customer care team with the usage of a call center solution.

If outsourcing is based on cost savings, the company may not be able to focus fully on customer needs. If outsourcing is based on the inability to handle call levels internally, the organization’s difficulties can lead to poor customer service. Fortunately, today’s call center software solutions are much faster and cheaper to install and operate than ever before. A cloud based call center solution minimizes upfront capital investment, lowers operating costs and predicts from one month to the next.

Customer expectations are steadily increasing even faster and this can be resolved using call center solution. The important thing to understand here is that there is a need for intelligent call center software to provide a large amount of intensive nurturing which will have a positive impact on customer loyalty, revenue growth, and retention.

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