The use of VoIP Softphone is unavoidable in many businesses like call centers. The Softphone app can be used for mobile devices or desktop systems. It gets integrated with an IP PBX solution or a VoIP Softswitch solution. The VoIP dialer is used to make calls, have a chat, and establish a connection. In a nutshell, a SIP dialer app is necessary to use and there are many utilities for this app. Many businesses use Linphone app development to have their preferred Softphone and relevant features in it. 

Many businesses need a white label SIP dialer and Linphone can be a more cost effective option. The Linphone experts of Inextrix can be available at your disposal. For more details, contact us. 

What is a Linphone? 

It is a popular open source VoIP Softphone that can be used by desktop or mobile users. It does not cost you additional as it is an open source SIP dialer. This makes it one of the most popular Softphone apps for communication and collaboration. 

Why is Linphone application development vital? 

Usually, open source dialer apps are available with certain features and an open source theme. The companies prefer to have a white label SIP Softphone to take advantage of branding. Some companies also like to add custom features to customize the existing features. In the case of using a proprietary SIP dialer app, it costs high as one needs to first pay the licensing fee for the VoIP dialer app. Moreover, to use a white label SIP dialer, the additional cost for white labeling needs to be paid. This is not affordable to all businesses. 

The Linphone app development is the process of customizing Linphone, which is an open source mobile SIP dialer. The customization gets performed to accommodate the major communication and business needs. Even white labeling this app is possible with a custom theme design for the Softphone and integrates it into the open source PC dialer or dialer for the mobile. 

As Linphone is an open source app, one neither needs to pay for a license nor needs to pay for white labeling. The only cost incurred is for the job done by the Linphone experts to integrate the required changes performed by the developers 

How can Linphone development experts of Inextrix help? 

Inextrix Technologies is renowned as the top VoIP development company. It offers different VoIP solutions along with custom VoIP development services. The company has an expert team that assists businesses to get a tailored solution that helps them scale up their business easily. The VoIP experts of Inextrix also have specialization in this open source platform to offer customization based on the custom needs of the business. 

Linphone is one of the open source VoIP platforms that VoIP experts of this VoIP development company know inside out. Whether you need a white label SIP Softphone or if you need any other form of customization for this Softphone, a team of Inextrix can help with its years of experience. 

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