Competition and customer demand are increasing in the market. Thus, ROI (Returns over Investment) models are compressing, and the necessity to save money is increasing in businesses. However, there is no option to compromise over quality to sustain in the market. This requires businesses to invest in the top technology that gives high quality services at lower rates. Communication is a fundamental business need. It is one of the areas in which businesses look for the best quality of service without stretching their budget for communication and collaboration. Custom VoIP software development or a hire a VoIP developer model can aid in achieving the core advantages of using the top SIP based communication solutions at a lower cost. This model in general is called VoIP staff augmentation. 

Let’s understand VoIP augmentation and how it does help businesses and providers. The top VoIP development company offers various models to augment your staff, which is also known as VoIP extension. 

What is VoIP staff augmentation? 

Understanding About VoIP staff augmentation

Before you understand this phenomenon, you need to understand what VoIP development is. VoIP based communication solutions like a fax server solution or multi tenant IP PBX solution are used to meet business communication needs. The former is used to send faxes using the fax over IP mechanism and the latter is used to meet business communication needs. Small businesses often use these solutions from the providers to meet routine communication needs. On the other hand, enterprises or VoIP service providers invest in VoIP development services to build custom telephony solutions. The VoIP service provider uses these solutions to run their wholesale or residential services and enterprises use this software to meet their own communication needs and keep complete control in their hands. 

Staff augmentation for VoIP engineers is the process of hiring a team of VoIP developers from a VoIP development company. The developers would work remotely from the company and the business that hires the developers can lead, manage, and control the team of VoIP programmers. As the team of VoIP development experts gets extended and the staff is increased, this model is called the staff augmentation model. 

In one line, staff augmentation is the process of hiring a remote team of VoIP developers, support engineers, etc. It is a contract based hiring and not official hiring of developers. Thus, the business is not liable to any employment rules, which makes this process quite flexible for users. A business can either hire a VoIP developer or a complete VoIP team based on the needs of the company. 

What are the advantages of using a staff augmentation model for VoIP developers? 

Top Advantages of Using a Staff Augmentation Model for VoIP Developers

There are multiple benefits of using the VoIP team extension model for a business. It is difficult to cover all advantages in a single article, but let’s discuss the top advantages of hiring VoIP developers.

1. No hassle of the recruitment process

Hunting the right talent is one of the major concerns of any company. You may find several VoIP programmers, but finding and hiring VoIP developers with the required skills and expertise is quite difficult. The whole process of recruitment is daunting and slow. Unlike that, with the VoIP team extension option, businesses can simply contact the top VoIP software development company and share the need of hiring developers or support engineers or any other profile. The company will provide the team or developer you need.

2. Access to a diversified talent

Nowadays, hybrid technology based VoIP software development is common and necessary such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPs, Kamailio, and WebRTC. During the development process, one may need some developers during some module development, but not all the time. For example, a FreeSWITCH developer is needed to build the whole VoIP telephony system, but an OpenSIPs developer will be needed only for modules. With the staff augmentation option, the businesses can add and remove the technology specific development resources without any liability for development resources.

3. Expert services

When you hire a team of Asterisk developers or FreeSWITCH developers, you can be rest assured that you will get access to expert services. Even if you don’t have experience or know-how in VoIP development, you will get access to expert services and an experienced team. It means value over money is guaranteed with the right VoIP software development company.

4. Low cost of development

With the VoIP team extension, you can eliminate several overheads. From the head hunting process to recruitment, infrastructure cost, and multiple other costs can be removed completely. Moreover, the wages of hiring an in-house developer are often higher than hiring Asterisk developers or any other VoIP technology developers from VoIP development companies would be lower. Thus, the overall development cost can be reduced by up to 80% with the right team.

5. Team scalability

The benefit of the staff augmentation option is the scalability of the team and flexibility. As per the labor laws in many countries, once you hire an employee, there are some legal aspects to follow. One of them would be related to removing the employee. If your business needs to build a telephony product and then only maintenance is needed, hiring VoIP developers would be a wrong choice as you may not need the whole team once the project is completed. Unlike that, when you hire developers from a VoIP software development company, you have the option to add and remove developers, support engineers, and other team members as per your business and project needs. This can be a great cost saver for your business and increase ROI. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, the VoIP staff augmentation model has several advantages to offer compared to hiring a team of developers and or using VoIP development services. You can hire one or more VoIP development experts based on your business needs and maximize returns. 

We have the most flexible hiring models and staff augmentation support in all VoIP technologies. To hire a VoIP developer or to hire a team of developers and to explore more details about the staff augmentation models we have, contact us.  

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