Regardless of the type, industry or size of the business, what we all need is increased number of new sales because the new sales increase the opportunities and revenues. On the hand, none of us being in a business wants to lose repeat business from the existing customers because the repeat business helps in securing the stability of the business and its state. In a nutshell, each business owner wants to increase the revenues and for this we highly rely on our sales and business development team. Each business invests a lot on hiring highly skilled and experienced sales and business development executives and leaders. Moreover, the companies invest on bringing in experts to train and coach the team still there are often cases when a business faces situations of losing an easy deal because of a silly mistake made by the teammate. Often, the justifications are given, but all managers and business owners know the real problem was in handling a lead. Is there any solution to reduce such events of business loss? The answer is, YES. With a Live Call Monitoring Solution, this problem can be resolved and the sales can be increased. Let me share the top 2 ways a business can increase sales by using a live call monitoring solution.

1. Handle the Hazard in real time

With a live call monitoring solution, the managers can listen to the ongoing client or prospect calls. Not only this, the live call monitoring software also gives a feature of taking control of the call. This can be helpful in taking control of the conversation when you, as a manager, see what is going wrong and how to move it into a positive direction. It means at a very first moment, when you see that the sales or business development executive is making a mistake, all you need to do is jump into the conversation and save the deal with your expertise and we all know this is effective in more than 90% of cases.

2. Give personalized training

Each sales rep and business development executive excel at something and lacks in something. The issue with the traditional training is that it is generic and gives general suggestions. It doesn’t give any opportunity in identifying and working on the individual level weakness and strengths. The live call monitoring solution can let you gauge the strengths and weaknesses at individual levels so one can define and conduct group training based on the common traits or individual training. The trained sales force hits the bull’s eye in more than 93% of cases.


With the live call monitoring software, you can train the staff to deal with the odds as well as take control when you see the ship is sinking in real time. These features have proven to be the real saviors for many businesses and yours can be the next one. To know more about the live call monitoring solution and to have its demo, contact us.