The role of a manager is very crucial in any business. They are responsible for completing their own tasks. In addition to that, they have to define strategies for other jobs, delegate work to each team member and ensure each team member works productively and efficiently. The live call monitoring solution can work as a boon for managers handling the aforementioned role in multiple ways. 

Automate call monitoring 

One of the major benefits of a live call monitoring system, which is developed by Asterisk development or FreeSWITCH development company, is automation. It automates one of the crucial jobs of managers and that is monitoring calls.

In some businesses, call volume is low and they don’t afford or need to use a contact center solution. In this case, a real time supervision tool benefits managers to keep an eye on all ongoing operations.

Help in ensuring productive working hours

An important duty of a manager is to ensure each team member is working productively and for that, it becomes necessary to listen to the calls or monitor work activities in real time. A real time call monitoring solution makes this possible. Managers can listen to any ongoing call or choose to review performance with real time statistics available on dashboards. 

Help in handling calls more efficiently 

In some cases, team members waste time on calls due to a lack of skills. In some cases, ringing calls increase due to a lack of resources. In this case, managers can use a live call monitoring solution to intervene and handle calls more professionally and efficiently. This also helps in handling critical cases or fraud calls, which team members are unable to handle with their limited skill or experience. 

Transform coaching model for the team performance enhancement 

Another important job of a manager is to give constant training to team members to work more productively and efficiently. In some cases, group training is not as effective as one to one training. The live call monitoring system helps managers to transform their traditional coaching model of group training into a more reliable and real time training model. The managers can take control of a call or join a call to give a live demo and training to the team members to give case based coaching, which is easier to remember and apply.


In a nutshell, the live call monitoring software is not just a random tool that can help in monitoring calls in real time. But, it is a powerful platform that helps managers to simplify their duties and be more effective in the role of manager.

Using this tool, managers can save their own time in managing supervision, training, and critical call handling jobs in a more efficient manner. Different live call monitoring platforms support different features to meet the custom needs of a manager.

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