From COVID 19 to international situations of war, everything has contributed to the adoption of a hybrid workforce in contact centers. It may sound salient, but it needs a lot of strategic work to make this environment successful. The contact center software to workforce training has to be taken into consideration to make a hybrid workforce efficient and effective. Remember, either remote or on-premise setup can be less challenging than the hybrid workforce.

It is necessary to find one of the best call center solutions that can help you manage your hybrid workforce. 

To help you with this challenging situation, here we are with the first step of making this new type of workforce successful: Identify the best hybrid workforce contact center software.

1. Cloud call center solution

Your software for call centers has to be a cloud based call center solution. It will let you access the software from both on-premise and remote systems. This will reduce the cost of infrastructure like VPNs. The best cloud based call center solutions also support a ring group feature to ensure better customer call management.

2. Simplified SIP phone integration

Your agents, whether they work from home or use your on premise VoIP solutions, will use either a mobile SIP dialer or a call dialer for PC. In case there is any issue with the integration of configuration of your SIP dialer system with the on-premise system, then your technical team can help your agents with configuration. To save time and effort along with the complexities involved in remote SIP phone configuration, it is necessary to check and inspect if your call center software supports the SIP dialer systems for phone and PC or not.

3. Hybrid workforce support

As mentioned earlier, your contact center solution must have all features that support an effective remote work environment along with the on-premise workforce. It must have all effective features that can support efficient operations even from remote work. For example, if your cloud based call center solution is an omnichannel software solution, then all modes of communication need to be accessible from remote locations.

4. Reports and analytics

Last, but not the least, are reports and analytics. To make sure that the hybrid work environment is operating efficiently, you must check data in real time and in chunks. Live statistics along with historic reports and analytics is a must to review and fine tune the hybrid workforce for better performance and efficiency.


In conclusion, creating and managing a hybrid workforce is a challenging job. However, if your call center software supports the smooth operations with simplified monitoring and optimization, then you can achieve workforce optimization despite the challenges coming across.

As a call center solution plays a pivotal role here, it is necessary to buy one of the best call center solutions that can offer all the above mentioned features to your business.

Are you looking for the best contact center software that can simplify the management of a hybrid workforce and its optimization?

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