In more than 80% of the customers, the major goal to achieve is increasing customer satisfaction. The reason is a majority of call centers focus on customer care and customer support campaigns. To improve customer satisfaction, call centers need to focus on various aspects. In this article, we will share the major aspects that a call center can follow to improve overall customer satisfaction.

1. Define customer satisfaction KPIs

The first thing that a call center needs to do is define key performance indicators. Until a call center defines KPIs and starts measuring them, there is no tangible way to measure customer satisfaction. The KPIs can be measured using a call center software solution. The value of major KPIs can give an idea of what needs to be improved and enhanced to improve customer satisfaction.

Below is the list of major KPIs related to customer satisfaction that a call center must monitor:

  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) ratio
  • First call resolution rate
  • Average call handling time
  • Average call hold time
  • Average call abandoned rate
  • Average call drop rate

2. Get an intelligent call center software solution

Getting the best tools can do half of the job. Clear, easy to use, feature rich, and technology driven tools like an intelligent call center software solution can empower call centers and their staff to assist customers in a better way to deliver satisfactory services.

3. Train agents

One of the major reasons behind poor customer experience and declining customer satisfaction is poorly trained agents. In many cases, agents do not hold the required knowledge of using the intelligent call center software or other tools. The worst thing is the agents are unaware of the product or service for which they are providing the support to customers. Therefore, it is necessary to invest time and other resources to train agents properly.

4. Add omnichannel communication

Nowadays, customers demand more than one communication channel. Some of the popular communication channels are WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. Other than that, customers also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share their bad experiences and need for customer support. In a nutshell, customers are likely to use multiple communication channels, and to provide satisfactory services, call centers have to add omnichannel communication in their call center software. The intelligent omnichannel call center software offers omnichannel communication support to delight clients.

5. Add self serving options

Some tasks can be done without the help of an agent. Many customers are tech savvy and they prefer to have self serving options. The intelligent call center software also offers an array of self serving options. These can be added to improve customer satisfaction further.


These are the top 5 tips that a call center solution can practice to improve customer satisfaction. The intelligent call center software has much to contribute here in the process of improving customer satisfaction. iCallify is an intelligent call center software solution that can help your call center to improve customer satisfaction. Contact us to know how.