When you look for a call center solution in the market, there are hundreds of options available. All of them would look similar to each other with some minor differences. Moreover, the call center solutions also have different packages to offer. When you are thinking of buying a new call center solution, your first choice has to be an intelligent call center software solution.

All call center solutions offer various features. One feature that your software must have is a predictive dialer. The intelligent call center software will have the most advanced predictive dialer as it gets built with the predictive technology of artificial intelligence. Even if you are considering any other call center software, it must have a predictive dialer as one of the features.

Here are the top 3 reasons that make a predictive dialer an unavoidable feature in the call center software.

1. It speeds up the calling process

The predictive dialer feature of an intelligent call center software solution gets built with predictive technology. It can predict how soon an agent will be available to take the next call while an outbound calling campaign is going on. In addition to that, this feature of the call center software can also predict how many lead numbers need to be dialed automatically from the lead list, so a call can be connected to the human and routed to the agent as soon as he or she gets available to take the call. It means the predictive dialer can speed up the automated dialing process. It is faster than any other auto dialer feature available in any call center solution. It means it is a perfect fit for any outbound calling campaign and that is why it is a must have feature in any call center software that you are considering buying.

2. It saves time and other resources

The predictive dialer uses the predictive dialing method to run an automated outbound calling campaign. It is an intelligent auto dialer available in the intelligent call center software. It has predictive technology because of which it can speed up auto dialing and call assignment processes. Moreover, it can also detect automated answering machines, interactive voice response systems, busy tones, missed calls, out of reach numbers, etc. It skips this type of number and moves to the next lead number. All of this saves a lot of time and resources in a call center or for a business that uses a call center software solution with a predictive dialing feature.

3. It increases productivity

All agents will get back to back calls in an outbound campaign that uses a predictive dialer. It means agents will not need to wait for the next call. As soon as they show readiness to take the next call, the predictive dialer will assign the one. This will boost productivity remarkably high. Thus, using a predictive dialer is a must.

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