The mobile SIP dialer is one of the popular applications. It uses SIP-based communication channels and mechanisms to establish, conduct and tear down calls, conference calls, and chat. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is that it offers the cheapest possible communication. Yes, there are many such attributes that make it one of the most used and popular applications. Let’s delve deeper to understand these attributes:

1. Support remote communication in Real-time

The mobile SIP dialer is a Smartphone app that can be installed on any Android or iOS Smartphone. Once installed, it can be used from anywhere, whenever the user wants to. The only thing needed by the user is the internet. The mobile SIP dialer app uses the internet to make calls. Thus, an active internet connection is necessary. This app supports remote communication in real-time. It means the users can go in any corner of the world still they can use this app to make calls.

2. Enrich communication

Generally, people use different applications to take benefit from different types of communication. For example, to make calls, they use the default phone app available in the Smartphone and to send text messages, it may use WhatsApp or default SMS app. In a nutshell, to communicate with the same person, multiple apps are managed and used. On the other hand, a mobile SIP dialer offers all required modes of communication within a single app to offer enriched communication features.

3. Save money

The call costs are reduced by telecom providers, but still, those are expensive for many users. The mobile SIP dialer app provides the facility of calling for free or at the cheapest rates possible. App to app calling is completely free. All you need is an active internet connection. If someone needs to make a call to a PSTN number aka to a mobile or landline number, then he can take benefit of cheap calling services offered by many VoIP calling service providers. They use LCR (Least Cost Routing) strategy to identify and use a route that costs minimum. With the mobile SIP dialer app, one can call even on an international destination at the cheapest rates.

4. Build a brand

This is a bonus feature available for companies and users that opt for a white label mobile SIP dialer app. The white label SIP dialer app will have the logo, theme, mobile app screen layouts of the company that uses this app. This app can be used by all employees of the company. It means in a one-time investment, the company can leverage communication benefits forever. The company that uses a white label mobile SIP dialer also leverages branding benefits.

These are the top 4 attributes of a feature rich mobile SIP dialer application. We offer one of the best SIP dialer apps for mobile devices. To know more about it, contact us.