iCallify is an intelligent call center software solution that is making the buzz. We are happy with the feedback of the customers and the interest of prospects in using iCallify. This intelligent call center software offers the most advanced features along with the traditional features that all call center solutions offer.

Read a complete list of features of iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software.

Unlike all other call center software solutions, it has an amazing range of features that boost the productivity of call centers and businesses that use it.

We are happy to see we are making a difference in the lives of many by offering this intelligent call center software. To make sure all scaled businesses can take benefit of this prevailing solution, we have been providing affordable packages. We have been also providing fewer seats to make it available to small scaled businesses and call centers. To further make it more accessible to all businesses with different sizes and interests we are announcing that the iCallify will now available with three different paying options.

  1. Monthly
  2. Quarterly
  3. Annually

It means the customers can choose any package, based on the features they need and they can choose to pay the fee in any of the above mentioned paying options. In brief, the customer can choose whether he wants to pay the license fee in one go or he wants to pay the fee in 12 or 4 installments by opting for respectively, monthly or quarterly paying models.

This intelligent call center software will be installed on the server or the cloud space of the customer only and if the customer needs a white label, it will also be provided based on the selected package. In a nutshell, it gives all benefits to the customer that he needs to use an owned solution.

As per the shared details, the fees include access to the features as per the package along with the license.

“We are happy to share many big BPOs and call centers have started using iCallify in more than 7 countries by now. There are also some businesses that use it. We wanted to make it accessible to more companies and businesses. Thus, we have introduced these options to let customers buy this solution. All packages give access to the intelligent call center software features”, shared Arpit Modi, Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The business developers of the company are entertaining prospects that are interested in knowing more about this solution, its packages, and buying options. They also provide a free walkthrough of this intelligent call center software. For more details, contact us.