You must have heard the name of the Mobile SIP Dialer, but might not be much familiar with it. Being one of the best vendors that offer reliable Mobile SIP Dialer, we would like to educate you about this amazing tool that everyone must use.

What is a mobile SIP dialer?

It is a perfect amalgamation of two most powerful technologies: VoIP and Mobile app development. The expert developers have created an app that lets its user use the SIP codec and protocol to make calls. The user can make calls on both, SIP device and PRI lines using this mobile SIP Dialer.

The mobile SIP dialer is also known as VoIP Mobile Dialer, Mobile Dialer, Softphone and SIP Dialer. It works as a SIP client and can be used in accordance with any VoIP solution.

Why to use mobile SIP dialer?

When we have handy access to so many other modes of communication, then you might be getting this question. The reason is a mobile SIP dialer supports advanced communication at cheaper rates.

More than voice calls

The mobile SIP dialer is not just a voice calling app. It is much more than that. It supports all important modes of communication such as,

  • Video call
  • Instant messaging (chat)
  • File share

It also supports 3-way conferencing. You can have a conference call with your friends, families and colleagues without downloading any additional app or software and that also on the go!

The SIP Dialer also provides other features such as phone book, last call redial, call history, etc. All these features make it a perfect communication app.

Cost effective

The VoIP Mobile Dialers are very cost effective in all sense. If you don’t want a white label solution, you can get it for free from online play stores. Click to get the Mobile SIP Dialer App Store Links. If you want a white label solution, you can find it cost effectively as you need to invest just once and the same app can be distributed among your staff to use. The calling using this SIP Dialer app is cheaper compared to traditional calling. The app to app calling will be completely free and app to other phone calling will also be cheaper. In fact, you can enjoy cheap international calling on the VoIP SIP Dialer app.

Easy to use

It is a mobile app and extremely easy to use. It usually has very user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) which makes it very convenient to use for anyone. Even a person with no technical knowledge can use this SIP dialer at its best.

Business Benefits

The mobile SIP Dialer can also be used to benefit your business in two ways.

  1. You may provide this app to your staff so they can use this app for internal and customer communication. This will help in reducing a lot on the communication cost.
  2. You can start a new business using the SIP Dialer. You can provide the VoIP calling service or offer this app as an add-on.


The Mobile SIP Dialer app has brought a revolution in the communication industry and you must take its advantage. Get in touch to discuss more on how this app can help your business.