Svane shared one of the most heard advices for better marriage life which is, “don’t stop working at making the relationship better, and don’t ever take the other person for granted”. Well, there is no difference between learning how to create a great customer experience in an engaging way and how to create a long lasting relationship. This is what the great customer engagement evangelists believed experienced and proved, time over time. We all have to believe in this great advice for creating the best customer engagement with your band. Along with these there are a few secrets shared on creating the best customer engagement model which are revealed today in this article. So let’s have a look at each of it:

Consider the entire journey of the customer

This is the most crucial and overlooked part in the business. Let’s understand with an example. There is a user who is a diehard lover of the iPhone; his journey begins at the time when the new iPhone series is announced by the Apple. He keeps on reading the articles, news releases and blogs on the new iPhone model. He waits for the pre booking window opening and he run to get himself to get the first piece of this model. He is the same customer who tweets and shares the pictures of himself and his newly arrived iPhone. And he is the same customer who creeps if the model fails to meet his expectation even with a single functionality. He will be the first person writing a Blog about his bad experience. Do you understand the story behind this? The customer goes through the whole journey which starts from the announcement of your product and continues even after the delivery of the product. You have to make sure that you are being with him on each stage and engage with him to provide the best customer experience in each stage of his journey.

Call Center Solution

The call center solution can work as one of the best tools in offering an engaging experience to the customer. The call center solution can be used to educate your customers about your products in the pre sale activities. Once the customer bought your product, you can use the call center solution to provide the support services to answer any concern the customer is facing.

Customer engagement software

The digital era has embarked many channels around. You can find your customers writing about you on different channels such as blog, twitter, facebook, etc. You must have some mechanism to cache these mentions by the customers for your company and act accordingly. If there is a customer who is happy about your service, don’t forget to thank him. If there is an angry customer getting his burst out on social media, this is the time to jump in and calm him down to discuss and resolve his concern. You need customer engagement software for this process as that software will come with all required tools to support the customer engagement.

CRM Systems

There are many call centers and sales executives who are still using the robotic scripts to talk with their customer. The fact is customers get irritated with this monotonous way of handling them. Thus, the companies must make CRM systems aka Customer Relationship Management systems part of their customer engagement journey. At time of discussion, the agent must use the CRM to check the data, buying habits and other related information about the customers. In technical sales language, we may say that provide the personalized experience to the customers.

Offer something additional

This is a fact of human nature; we all love to get something additional. Give something extra you can afford for your loyal customers. For example, in some café, you get 1 coffee free for ordering 5 coffees. If you have a customer for long time, you can use this strategy there by providing something additional.

Make your communication material attractive

The customers find it good to see an attractive newsletter or a special email template than the same text email every time from the company. Make your emails and other material engaging and attractive so the customer can see the efforts you have put behind creating it.